User Acceptance Testing

In this phase, the system is fully tested by the client community against the requirements defined in the analysis and design stages, corrections are made as required, and the Production system is built.

The team must include specific expertise in the business area addressed by the system, to ensure that the system provides the required functionality.


Test Results and Error Reports
These are the documented results of each test, and the reports returned to the developers describing the problems discovered during testing. A formalized procedure should be followed for communicating results of tests and corrections of known problems back and forth between the client community and developers. These reports are part of that formal procedure. No sample or template is currently available for these reports.
User Acceptance Sign-off
This is a form, signed by the project sponsor, that indicates that the system, documentation, and training materials have passed all tests within acceptable margins. There is no sample available at this time.
Production System
This is the actual production system, including the online help. Any problems identified during User Acceptance Testing are corrected in the development system, which is then used to create the production system.
Final Installation Procedures and Instructions
These are the procedures that will be used to install the system in the production environment, including client workstations, as needed.
Final Documentation and Training Materials
Tested and updated user documentation and training materials are finalized during user acceptance testing, and can be sent to Printing & Mailing for distribution to the project sponsor, if necessary. These materials need to be available as soon as the production system is installed.
Project Plan (updated)
A phase section for the Installation, Implementation, and Post-Implementation Review phase is added to the project plan to show the work breakdown structure and schedule for the phase. At this time, no sample is available.
Methodology Compliance Form
This form is initialized by the project team, and completed by a methodology representative who has reviewed the project documentation and found it acceptable. It is completed in Word. At this time, no sample is available.


  1. Representatives of the client community who understand the business functions run the tests detailed in the test plans, including tests of the installation and the online help, according to the scripts developed during the Design and Construction phases. Any hardcopy user documentation should also be reviewed for usability and accuracy.
  2. The testers formally document the results of each test, and provide error reports and correction requests to the appropriate developer(s) or writer(s).
  3. The developers and writers correct the system, installation procedures, online help, user documentation, and training materials, as required.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 as often as needed, until the system is approved.
  5. The test team completes the User Acceptance Checklist for application transition deliverables.
  6. The Project Managers obtain the signed User Acceptance Sign-off from project sponsor.
  7. The developer(s) and writer(s) create the Production system and installation procedures, using the frozen development system containing all the corrections implemented as a result of User Acceptance testing.
  8. The core team reviews the project plan, and updates the schedules and resources, if necessary.
  9. The team gathers the testing documentation together, and forwards it to the methodology representative for review.
  10. The methodology representative reviews the documentation and completes the compliance form before returning the materials to the project team.