Medieval Studies at Princeton University
13-14 Lecture Series


2016-2017 Medieval Studies Lecture series is on the theme of "Thinking with Medieval Thought"

This lecture series will feature papers that explore the connections between the thought of the Middle Ages and present day theoretical interests and concerns. Questions that might be considered are: how do medieval discussions of matters such as the presence of God or devotional practices resonate in early modern, modern, and postmodern thought and contexts? In what ways does the constitution of gender in, say, medieval romance, illuminate the way we talk or think about gender today? How might an understanding of medieval art or architecture be better understood with a modern or post-modern philosophical conception of vision or space? What can we learn about scientific thinking from new work in the history of science? What happens when we juxtapose different medieval technologies of the book and image with present day media theories?

Please see the calendar for all details!