Medieval Studies at Princeton University
13-14 Lecture Series


Call for Papers - The Medieval Studies Graduate Conference April 22, 2016

2015-2016 Medieval Studies Lecture Series is on the theme of "The Life of I: Biography and Autobiography in the Middle Ages"

From St. Augustine’s profound Confessiones to Margery Kempe’s memorable Boke, it’s resoundingly clear that people in the Middle Ages were a bundle of contradictions. Even so, they understood the importance of self-expression and knew that personal identity is inextricable from aesthetic conventions. New work in the discipline of medieval studies is uncovering exactly what these conventions were, rewriting the history of the self to show that the medieval “I” is the locus of personal and historical dynamics, as well as the occasion for poetic and musical effects. Medieval selves, whether fashioned in texts or monuments, are surprising and even unruly entities and thus demand our attention, not only for what they teach us about medieval people but for what they tell us about ourselves. We therefore invite papers addressing these or other related issues in connection with any type of “ego-document,” image, architectural structure, philosophical and theological writings, political discourse, letters, narratives, heroic legends, romance, and signs or objects of selfhood (such as seals or coats of arms).

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