Medieval Studies at Princeton University


Academic Year 2014-2015

Date Speaker/Sponsor Event Info Location Time
Oct. 23
Sara McDougall, IAS Visiting Fellow, School of Historical Studies 2014-2015.  John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the Graduate Center, CUNY

* "Money, Marriage and the Illegitimate Children of Royalty"

106 McCormick Hall 4:30pm
Nov. 4
Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski, University of Pittsburgh * "Demonic Money" 106 McCormick Hall 4:30pm
Nov. 20
Herwig Wolfram, University of Vienna "Transformation of the Roman World" 010 E. Pyne 4:30pm
Dec. 3
Alan Stahl, Princeton University * Workshop in Medieval Coins and Money 1-8-H Firestone Library 4:30pm
Feb. 10
Jennifer Borland, Oklahoma State University, and
Martha Easton, Seton Hall University
* "Wealth, Power, and the Ambitious Collecting of Medieval Art in America: John Hays Hammond, Jr. and Raymond Pitcairn" 106 McCormick Hall 4:30pm
Feb. 24
Joel Kaye, Barnard College, Columbia University * "Money as an Instrument of Balance in Medieval Economic Thought" 010 E. Pyne 4:30pm
Mar. 24
Alan Stahl, Princeton University * "The Mint of Venice in the Face of the Great Bullion Famine" 105 Chancellor Green 4:30pm
May 14-17  

50th International Congress on Medieval Studies "Pilgrimage, Exploration, and Travel"

Kalamazoo, MI


Western Michigan University  

* 2014-2015 Medieval Studies Lecture Series on the theme of "Money in the Middle Ages"