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Princeton Computing Resources of Particular Interest to Medievalists

  • CETH (Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities). CETH is joint endeavour of Princeton and Rutgers and a leader in the field of electronic texts and humanities computing. They are able to advise on research projects using electronic texts, they have an excellent collection of background material and unusual expertise.
  • The INDEX of Christian Art it is in the process of computerzing the vast textual material with search capabilities.
  • The Multimedia Engineering Computation Atelier. See MECAProjects to view examples of their work.
  • Princeton Library Electronic Resources
    [note: this is a selected (idiosyncratic) list of resources, mostly CD-Roms, in Firestone - it is NOT a comprehensive list of what's available on campus]

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Members of the Princeton University community maintain the following pages of interest to medievalists:


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