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Updates Spring 2016

Call for Papers - The Medieval Studies Graduate Conference April 22, 2016

HONORS - Current certificate seniors Cameron Platt and Ryan Low have won the Rhodes Fellowship and Marshall Fellowship respectively for graduate study next year. Cameron will be going to Oxford to study English and Ryan will be going to University College London to study medieval history.

Former students of the Medieval Studies certificate program continue their work in the field. Madeline McMahon '13 is currently at Princeton advancing towards her PhD. Melissa Tu '15 is pursuing an MPhil at Cambridge University and classmate Rosalie Stoner '15 is at the University of Chicago working on a PhD in Classics.

New Course by Professor Niklaus E. Largier a long-term visiting fellow in the Council of the Humanities
GER 521/MED 521 German Intellectual History:  Mysticism and Modernity
So-called 'mystical' forms of thought and experience have played a major role in the history of modern philosophy and literature from Hegel to Lukàcs, Heidegger, Bataille, and Derrida, and from Novalis to Musil, Celan, Bachmann, Klossowski, and Cage (to name just a few). In this seminar we will first read key medieval and baroque texts. Based on the class discussion and on individual student interests, we will then look into the ways how these texts have been read by 19th and 20th century authors and explore the impact they had on the discussion of modern concepts of subjectivity.

MED227 at the Cloisters

Medieval 227, The World of the Middle Ages, Instructor, Professor Sally Poor and students visited The Cloisters on December 7th, 2014.  The Cloisters museum and gardens is the branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art devoted to the art and architecture of medieval Europe.

Professor Karl D. Uitti Memorial Thesis Fund

Medieval Studies co-sponsored trip by Ruwa Alhayek to Amman Jordan, read more

Global Scholar in Medieval Philosophy appointed 2012-2017

Thanks to the efforts of Professors Dan Garber (Philosophy), Vance Smith (English), and Leora Batnitzky (Religion), Princeton has appointed Dominik Perler, Professor of Philosophy at the Humboldt University, as a Global Scholar starting in AY 2012-2013. Professor Perler will visit Princeton for two months per year to hold block seminars or reading groups and public lectures. His first visit is scheduled for February-March 2013.