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What is Peace?

These photographs are a collection of artistic responses by the Princeton University community to the question: What Is Peace? Images of tranquility and beauty mingle with photos of boys playing with toy guns and a twisted weapon in front of the UN. Through these photos, we encounter various understandings of personal and social peace that elicit emotions which range from yearning, joy, to melancholy. We hope that you, the viewer, might be inspired by this exhibit to consider where you find and create peace within your own life and your communities.

Special Commendation goes to:
"Mtoto" by Michael J. Collins '11
"The Old City" by Zachary M. Ruchman '10
"Dove of the Al-Hambra" by Andrew M. Watrous '09

Vice President Janet Dickerson, Campus Life, Eve Aschheim, Lewis Center for the Arts, Tom Dunne, ODUS, Shin Jae Won, Daily Princetonian, Daniel Hayes-Patterson, Daily Princetonian, Paul B. Raushenbush, Office of Religious Life

This exhibit was sponsored by the Office of Religious Life; the Office of Undergraduate Students; the Office of the Vice President for Campus Life; The Lewis Center for the Arts; and The Daily Princetonian.

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Afternoon Nap

Calming Candlelight

Dove of the Al-Hambra



Simple Virtue

Suspended in Ai


The Shy Lotus, or Padma (Lotus or Beauty in Sanskrit)

Comfort in Mothers Arms

Enough Light for Everybody

United Nations

Sadika and Eman


Crown of Petals, Fiesta de Corpus Christi

Devotion of a Too Young Mother

Struggle Begets Peace



The scenic route


Tomb of the famous poet Mirza Ghalib in Delhi, India

Pax Romana

The Old City




Light upon Light (Isfahan, Iran)

Muslim Children, Queens, NY

A Quiet Space

At Ellis Island

Dhikr (Yazd, Iran)
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