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The Campus Copier Program consists of two general classifications of copiers:

  • Departmental Copiers - Available to University employees in both academic and administrative departments. These copiers are used to support the mission of the University and are therefore to be used for University business purposes only. Personal copies should not be made on these machines. 
  • Public Access Copiers - Located in libraries and other open areas and are available for public use. A public copier at Firestone Library has a credit card reader for making payment. All public machines have card readers that accept University ID Cards valued with PAW Points as well as generic copy cards (pre-valued and departmental debit copy cards). Faculty, staff, and students may add PAW Points to their ID Card at the Princeton University Online Card Office.

The University has updated its campus-wide copier program, which will result in higher quality equipment, substantial cost savings, increased data security, and improved administrative and support services. These enhancements are due to a new, competitively bid, vendor-managed contract with IKON Office Solutions that will run through October 2014.
The new campus-wide copier agreement includes these added benefits and improvements:

  • A full-time, on-site customer service representative to ensure immediate response. The onsite representative, Cathy Falk, will be located at 221 Nassau Street and can be reached at 8-2151 or via email:
  • All copiers will be upgraded to state-of-the-art Ricoh copiers, all of which will include fax, email and scanning capabilities. Copiers will be replaced on rolling basis through the month of November. Initial replacements will replicate existing user configurations and functionality. A second phase will be completed shortly thereafter to add users and make any necessary changes to fully utilize the print, copy, email and scanning capabilities.
  • All copiers will be networked to facilitate shared printing services in support of our sustainability goals. Networking will also automate several functions that reduce the administrative oversight required for providing manual copy counts and increase the responsiveness for equipment supplies, service and copier malfunctions.
  • All copiers will have enhanced data security features for HIPPA/FERPA compliance, which includes software that automatically erases data stored on the copier hard drives at scheduled intervals.
  • Training will be provided on all copy machines provided by IKON technical staff.
  • Availability of loaner equipment during service.
  • Effective December 1, 2010, the cost per copy will be reduced from 6 cents to 5.5 cents for black and white copies. The cost for color copies will remain at 25 cents per copy. We anticipate being able to hold that price level for several years. Please note that the cost per copy rate includes the copier lease rate, maintenance, services and all supplies with the exception of paper.

All copiers connected to the network will have an automated service response process that will eliminate the need for calling for maintenance or service. However, departments may contact Cathy Falk, the on-site customer service representative, directly at 8-2151 or email: The call will be dispatched to IKON Service Center and the service will be performed within 4-8 hours from the time that the call was placed. Service will be performed during normal University business hours.

Departments interested in obtaining a new copier or replacing an old copier should contact Penny Osvai, the IKON Account Representative at email: or directly via phone at (609) 947-0965. Penny will recommend the appropriate Ricoh model, based on your actual copy volume and the equipment features that are needed in your department.

All copiers connected to the network will have an automated process for reordering supplies to eliminate the need for maintaining an inventory and calling for supplies. However, if you need to order replacement toner, contact IKON directly at 1-888-456-6457 or visit their website. You will need to provide your equipment ID # (on the front of the copier) when ordering.

It is anticipated that all copiers connected to the network will have an automated billing process that eliminates the need for staff to provide manual copier counts. The automated billing process will upload the copier counts on a quarterly basis directly to the DC system. For those copiers that are not networked, departments will be responsible to provide manual copy counts to the onsite representative for each account under their control. Departments will be invoiced quarterly for the actual number of copies via the DC system.

Copy cards may be purchased from the following locations: 

  • Project Grant Purchases - For pre-valued cards and departmental debit cards, use the on-line copy card request form:
  • Cash Purchases – Firestone Library Circulation Desk | Engineering Library Stokes Library | Lewis Library| Marquand Library . 
  • Value Transfer Station - The Value Transfer Station (VTS) is located on the 100 Level of the Frist Campus Center that will accept CASH only for additional PAW Point to your TigerCard or to add value to pre-valued cards you have previously purchased.
  • Lost or Stolen Copy Card Procedure - If a card purchased on a project grant, whether pre-valued or departmental debit, is ever lost or stolen, please send an email to and include the card number or call (609) 258-2151. The original cards will be cancelled and a new card issued with the balance restored.

Questions regarding the copier program should be directed to Cathy Falk at (609) 258-2151 or