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Safety recalls and alerts. New web page with various resources that provide information and links for many of these recalls and the agencies that issue them.



Welcome to the Princeton University Environmental Health and Safety website. The Quick Links drop-down menu on the upper left part of this page and the search engine above may help you find specific information.


  • NEW EHS Recommended Laboratory Safety Training Requirements and Access Restrictions: Princeton University requires that all faculty, staff, and students undergo laboratory safety training to work in Princeton University research laboratories. However, questions do arise regarding the timings of laboratory safety training sessions in conjunction with the arrival of new researchers on campus. In order to address these questions, EHS has created a recommended training and access matrix that can be found here.
  • NEW Emergency Information Poster Template Edition: This new edition of the Emergency Information Poster format shall be implemented the next time that you replace your EIP. You may choose to update to this version sooner at your convenience. Administrative changes to facilitate the ease of posting and the links to the poster can be found here.
  • NEW Lab-Specific Training Checklist: This checklist is intended for use by research laboratories in order to document training provided to laboratory workers by individuals designated by the principal investigator. The form may be customized for each lab.

  • NEW Undergraduate Work in Machine Shops Policy: This policy outlines the safety requirements which apply to undergraduate students while working in academic University machine shops and the responsibilities of shop supervisors and monitors.  The policy includes requirements for supervision of undergraduate work, safety training and other general work practices.
  • NEW Training - Dry Ice Shipping: students and staff members that have a need to ship non-hazardous, perishable samples and media preserved on dry ice MUST complete the required training prior to preparing shipments. EHS has developed a short, web-based training module available to be taken at the individual's convenience. Visit the Employee Learning Center and take a moment to complete this essential training for dry ice shippers.

  • NEW VIDEO: Solvent Fire Demonstration. In October 2011, Princeton University EHS, Public Safety and the Princeton Fire Department demonstrated how intense and challenging a fire involving a half-full 5-gallon container of spent solvents can be.

  • ID Badge policy - This new policy requires staff and their contractors who perform work in University buildings other than their own to notify the host department of their plans in advance and display a University ID badge when visiting non-public areas of campus buildings (e.g. laboratories, private offices, mechanical spaces, etc.).

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