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Lab Safety



Laboratory Safety Training

All individuals working in Princeton University laboratories, paid or unpaid, including faculty, staff, students and visitors, must attend Laboratory Safety Training provided by EHS.

This training session covers hazard identification, references and resources, material safety data sheets (MSDS), personal protective equipment, emergency procedures, fume hoods, chemical spill response, chemical waste disposal, laboratory security, flammable liquids, cryogenics, electrical safety, corrosives, compressed gases and other related topics.

See the EHS Training Calendar for the location and time of the next available session. If a special session is needed, contact Kyle Angjelo at 609-258-2711.

Other Required Training

In additional to the general laboratory safety training, laboratory workers may need to attend other training sessions, based on the materials, equipment or procedures they will employ. The following is a list of the most commonly required training courses for laboratory workers. See the Training page for additional topics.


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