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Material Safety Data Sheets


Material Safety Data Sheets

There are several sources of MSDSs available via the World Wide Web. Some contain an alphabetical listing for MSDS retrieval, while others are searchable through entry of chemical information (name, CAS number, etc.). Some of the particularly useful sites are in bold print. A guide to Understanding MSDS Information is available to help decipher MSDSs.

Two excellent chemical information sources:

  • CCOHS Collection - Choose "CHEMINFO" and search for a specific chemical
  • WISER - from the National Libary of Medicine. In addition to the web version, there are downloadable versions for a computer and apps for the iPad, iPhone or Android. Go to the WISER homepage for the downloads.

For an MSDS, if the manufacturer is on this list, try here first...

More manufacturers: Try MSDS Search or MSDS Solutions - Search by manufacturer using the search tool or the A-Z list at the top of the screen.

For Biological Materials: MSDSs for Microorganisms

Otherwise, try these, in the order shown...

Additional chemical information, not in MSDS form, may also be useful. Here are
some good resources...


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