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Environmental Health and Safety
262 Alexander Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Main Phone: 609-258-5294
Fax: 609-258-1804

Please note: Outside of regular University business hours, Public Safety (258-3134) may reach most EHS staff via home or cell phone numbers or by pager.

EHS Staff Contact Information
For information about staff responsibilities, see EHS Staff Directory.

Name Phone E-Mail
Kyle Angjelo 8-2711
Greg Cantrell 8-5849
Brandon Chance 8-7882
Shaundree Davis 8-6256
Tom Drexel 8-6255
Sue Dupré 8-6252 dupré
Stephen Elwood 8-6271
Joan Hutzly 8-6251
Robin Izzo 8-6259
Marcia Leach 8-5296
Jamie McQuaid 8-5106
Kelly States 8-2648
Jacqueline Wagner 8-1427



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