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EHS Staff Directory

Administrative Staff

  • Robin Izzo, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, 258-6259
  • Marcia Leach, Office and Systems Administrator, 258-5296

Workplace Safety Staff

  • Greg Cantrell, Associate Director and University Safety Engineer, 258-5849
  • Kelly States, Senior Health and Safety Program Manager: Safety, 258-2648
  • Jamie McQuad, Program Manager: Facilities Operations Safety

The Workplace Safety program addresses a number of issues affecting well-being in the office, laboratory and shop, including:

    • safety training
    • planning for emergencies
    • use of personal protective equipment
    • use of machines and machine guards
    • use of portable power tools
    • safe practices for welding, cutting and brazing
    • safe practices during repair of electrical and mechanical systems
    • working in or near confined spaces
    • use of ladders, scaffolding, and fall protection
    • safety at or near construction and excavation sites
    • safe lifting techniques and material handling

Chemical, Research and Planning Staff

The Laboratory Safety and Industrial Hygiene program concerns the recognition, evaluation and control of health hazards related to use of chemical and physical agents, including:

    • safety training
    • safe use of hazardous substances in the laboratory or other areas
    • asbestos
    • fume hoods and other laboratory ventilation
    • chemical waste disposal
    • respiratory protection
    • safe use of lasers
    • noise and hearing conservation
    • New Jersey's right to know regulations
    • laboratory safety
    • emergency preparedness and planning

Radiation Safety Staff

  • Sue Dupre, Assistant Director and University Health Physicist, 258-6252
  • Stephen Elwood, Associate Director and Health Physicist, 258-6271
  • Tom Drexel, Health Physics Technician, 258-6255

    Radiation Safety provides services related to uses of radioactive materials and radiation producing equipment, including:

    • radiation safety training
    • radioactive materials, whether open or sealed
    • x-ray machines
    • electron microscopes
    • ultraviolet light
    • microwave and radiofrequency radiation
    • particle accelerators

Environmental Health and Biosafety Staff

  • Jacqueline Wagner, Assistant Director and Environmental Health and Biosafety, 258-1427
  • Janani Viswanathan, Lab Safety Specialist, 258-6258

    Biosafety and Sanitation includes services related to recognition, evaluation and control of microbiological hazards and unsanitary conditions, including:

    • training programs
    • food protection and sanitation
    • refuse storage and removal
    • safe use, storage and disposal of biological materials, including Bloodborne Pathogens
    • insect and rodent control
    • sanitation in animal care facilities
    • sanitation in restrooms and recreational facilities, including swimming pools
    • indoor air quality
    • lead paint hazards

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