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Art Safety Training Guide

Notice: Training materials found on these pages are provided for the use of Princeton University faculty, staff and students to meet training needs specific to Princeton University.

i. Introduction

Purpose of this guide

This training guide provides basic information for working safely with chemicals and operations in Visual Arts. The guide is intended to supplement, but not replace, the safety orientation for faculty and students in Visual Arts.

Environmental Health & Safety

The Princeton University Environmental Health & Safety Office serves the University community by providing technical support, information and training, consultation, and periodic audits of health and safety practices and regulatory compliance. Contact EHS at x8-5294 or consult the EHS web page ( for questions on waste disposal, chemical hazards and exposures, use of chemical fume hoods, personal protective equipment, compressed gases and cryogenics, and many other topics.

Responsibility for Safety

Department Safety Manager

The Departmental Safety Manager has responsibility for oversight of health and safety within the department and is a principal contact for faculty, staff and students to address health and safety issues or concerns. The Departmental Safety Manager works with faculty, management, and supervisory personnel to identify potential hazards associated with their operations and activities.


Faculty are responsible for ensuring that students attend training and work safely and

  • Ensure artists understand the potential health and physical hazards of the chemicals and equipment used;
  • Explain proper and safe procedures for handling, under all circumstances, the hazardous substances used;
  • Provide appropriate equipment to allow laboratory workers to work safely


Each student, faculty and staff member is expected to attend training and:

  • Follow procedures and practices outlined in this training guide
  • Report all accidents, near misses, and potential chemical exposures to the Department Manager
For more information

For more information about working safely, consult your departmental safety manager. If additional information is needed, contact EHS at 8-5294 or visit our web page at A list of additional health and safety reference materials is provided in Appendix A of this guide.




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