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Animal Use and Care


When planning to work with research animals, there is the need to consider and ensure proper and humane care of the animals, but attention must also be given to how the worker’s exposure to the animal can be done safely. Additionally, there is the requirement of the University’s Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to review and approve all research with animals.

For information on health and safety involving research animal exposure, see the Health and Safety Guide, Section D4 - Animal Workers Occupational Health and Safety Program.

For information on approval of animal research, see the Biosafety Manual, Section II.C. Biohazards Associated with Animal Handling.

For information regarding using hazardous chemicals in animal protocols, see Section 7M of the Laboratory Safety Manual: Working with Hazardous Chemicals in Animal Protocols.

For information regarding use of biohazards in animal protocols, see the IACUC Policy for Work with Biohazards in Princeton University Research Facilities.


Those working with research animals are required to be enrolled in the Animal Workers Occupational Health and Safety Program which provides the web-based training and medical review. Information and Program entry are found at the(with entry of worker's NetID) Animal Worker Web-Based Training and Program Entry.

Entry into the Program by completion of the web training and medical review are required before the individual is allowed access to the animal care facility.


  • Animal Facility Biosafety Self Audit Checklist and Key (pdf or Word)

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