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Biosafety Page


Biosafety Program Forms

Animal Worker Forms

Those working with research animals are required to be enrolled in the Animal Workers Occupational Health and Safety Program which provides the web-based training and medical review. Information and Program entry are found at the(with entry of worker's NetID) Animal Worker Web-Based Training and Program Entry.

Entry into the Program by completion of the web training and medical review are required before the individual is allowed access to the animal care facility.

Bloodborne Pathogens Forms

Bloodborne Pathogens Training is mandatory for all individuals working with or exposed to blood, blood components, or any unfixed human tissue in the laboratory.

Live Virus Worker Forms

Live Virus Worker Training is mandatory for all faculty, staff, and students who plan to work with live pathogenic viruses.

Biological Materials and Animal Use Approval & Registration Forms

Self-Audit Checklists

  • Animal Facility Self-Audit Checklist in Word or PDF
  • Biological Laboratory Self-Audit Checklist in Word or PDF
  • In-Lab Biosafety Orientation Checklist Word or PDF

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