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Chemical Waste Disposal


Pollution Prevention Goals

  • Facilitate the implementation of a chemical inventory systems within the Chemistry department to promote chemical reuse/sharing and just-in-time ordering of reagents to facilitate compliance with building fire code limits for certain chemical reagents within the new laboratory building.
  • Encourage replacing wet-chemistry photography darkrooms with digital studios.
  • Transition laboratories with high volume organic solvent usage to replace thermal distillation systems with waste minimizing, utility conserving, intrinsically safe dry column purification system.
  • Conduct formal pollution prevention opportunity assessments in the lab and facilities groups producing the largest volumes of waste.
  • Complete switch to returnable lecture bottles.
  • Encourage the practice of regenerating toxic gas scrubber units to avoid costly disposal of canister.
  • Continue to promote "just-in-time" chemical purchases within lab groups campus-wide.


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