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Health and Safety Guide




The Princeton University Health and Safety Guide has been written by the staff of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) to provide departments, managers, supervisors, and employees with information on a variety of health and safety topics. It is designed to serve as a general reference document and guide to assist departmental safety managers in the development and implementation of their departmental safety programs. In this latter capacity the Guide is intended for use in conjunction with the Departmental Health and Safety Profile and the Health and Safety Program Guide. For additional information about the Safety Profiling Program, contact EHS.

Availability of the Guide

Copies of the Health and Safety Guide were distributed primarily to departmental safety managers and other health and safety contacts in the late 1990's. These editions are not current. The web version is revised to reflect any changes or new material and will always be the most up-to-date copy of the Guide available.

What the Guide Contains

The first section of the Guide, Safety at Princeton University is of general interest to the entire University community and should be reviewed by all readers. The remaining sections each describe a program or activity relating to a specific aspect of health and safety (e.g., hearing conservation, chemical waste disposal, computer workstations, lasers, etc.). These sections have been organized into six major chapters, so that sections covering related activities are grouped together. These chapters include:

    • The General Work Environment
    • Safety for Support and Maintenance Activities
    • Chemical Safety
    • Biological Safety
    • Ionizing and Nonionizing Radiation
    • Information Resources

The level of detail included in the Guide varies widely among the different sections. For some narrowly focused programs and activities, the section provides fully detailed procedures. However, for broad programs, the section provides an overview of the necessary elements of the program and refers the reader to other manuals or resources for detailed procedures. This document is intended to serve as an initial information resource. Any questions that are not answered by reference to the Guide should be directed to an EHS staff member.

Section Format

Each section follows the same basic format and contains these elements:

  • Introduction - provides a summary of the health and safety issue addressed by the section
  • Scope and Application - describes the specific applicability of the program or activities covered by the section
  • Procedure or Description - describes the detailed procedures to perform a specific health and safety activity or provides an overview of the elements of a specific program.
  • Roles and Responsibilities - establishes the roles and responsibilities of a department, supervisors, EHS and the individual worker. In the context of Roles and Responsibilities, the term "Department" is used to refer to upper-level managers and supervisors within a department or office. These persons may include the department chair, the department manager, the department safety manager, shop foremen, facilities managers, and others as appropriate.
  • For More Information - provides a listing of additional references and resources
  • Self-Audit Checklists - for certain programs and activities, self-audit checklists are included for use by a department, manager or supervisor to determine the status of compliance with the program requirements.

How to Use the Guide

The table of contents and index may be useful for finding specific information. The web page's search function provides another means of locating topics.

Comments and Suggestions

Questions, comments, and suggestions concerning the Guide and feedback about its usefulness are welcomed and can be sent to EHS at extension 8-5294 or via e-mail to

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