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(From the February 13, 1990 Federal Register)

Acoustic cement
Acoustical ceiling tiles
Acoustical plasters
Acoustical treatments
Acrylic sealant
Asbestos cloth
Asbestos fiber
Asbestos paper & millboard products
Asbestos paper facing fiberglass insulation
Asbestos yarn ties
Asbestos-cement pipe
Asphalt"cutback" floor tile adhesive
Asphalt tile

Block & pipe covering

Butyl sealants
Caulking compounds
Cement block filters
Coating & sealants concrete leveler or block filler
Counter top coverings
Counter tops
Decorative spray coatings
Decorative wall treatments
Drying sealants
Elastomeric caulking & sealing compounds

Epoxy based adhesive

Epoxy resin floor surfacing
Exterior masonry coating
Extruded butyl tapes
Finishing cement
Fireproofing plaster
Floor tile cements
Floor-coating asphalt saturated felts
Friction materials
Gaskets and packings
Gypsum board
Hydraulic setting insulating cement
Insulating cement
Joint compound premixes
Joint compound
Masonry cement
Non-drying sealants
Non-staining oil base caulking compound
Oil based paints
Phenolic resin material
Plastic cements
Plastic gun cement
Polyurethane coatings and sealants
Rigid block insulation
Roll roofings with asbestos base sheets
Taping and finishing compounds
Textured paints
Thermal system insulation
Roof paint
Vapor barrier and adhesive for cork
Waterproofing compounds
Window glazing compound or paste

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