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Laboratory Safety Manual

- Animal Procedures

Table of Contents


1. Laboratory Safety ay Princeton University

2. Chemical Hygiene Plans

3. Emergency Procedures

4. Chemical and Hazard Identification

5. Health Hazards of Chemicals

6.A Controlling Chemical Exposures

6.B Fume Hoods and Laboratory Ventilation

6.C Personal Protective Equipment

7. Safe Work Practices and Procedures

8. Chemical Spills

9. Laboratory Waste Disposal

10. Chemical Specific Issues *This Section contains chemical safety information for several specific chemicals

11. Anecdotes

12. Ergonomics

Appendix A: Particularly Hazardous Substances

Appendix B: Reproductive Toxins

Appendix C: Materials with High Acute Toxicity

Appendix D: Health and Safety Design Considerations for Laboratories

Appendix E: Best Practices in Laboratory Safety Management



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