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Safety Managers


Department Safety Managers

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Department Safety Manager Phone
Admissions Office Assistant to the Dean 8-5541
Alumni Council Lydia Osborne, Assistant to the Director 8-5814
Annual Giving Department Elizabeth Ritchie, Associate Director 8-3374
Anthropology Department Carol Zanca, Department Manager 8-4537
Architecture, School of Frances Yuan, Department Manager 8-5018
Art & Archeology Department Susan Lehre, Department Manager 8-3772
Art Museum Kenneth Harris, Assistant Museum Superintendent 8-3768
Astrophysical Sciences Department Susan Dawson, Department Manager  8-3804
Athletics Department Jeff Graydon, Assistant Director for Facilities and Event Management 8-1892
Building Services Jonathan Baer, Director 8-3713
Career Services Office Linda Richmond, Assistant to Director 8-6348
Center for Human Values Will Gallaher, Associate Director 8-1460
Conference and Event Services Eric Hamblin, Director 8-3371
Chemistry Department Janet Gruschow, Department Manager 8-3969
Chemical Engineering Sharon Malley, Department Manager 8-4650
Civil and Environmental Engineering Fang Zhong Jiang, Department Manager 8-1327
Classics Department Ronnie Hanley, Department Manager 8-6201
Comparative Literature Department Cheryl Cantore, Department Manager 8-4027
Communications and Publications Lauren Robinson-Brown, Director 8-5732
Community and State Affairs Pamela Hersh, Director 8-3018
Computer Science Kristin Appelget, Department Manager 8-4344
Dean of the College Office Christine McKinley, Assistant to the Dean 8-2882
Department of Public Safety Scott W. Loh, University Fire Marshal 8-7343
Development John Martin, Human Resources Manager 8-8654
Campus Dining Smitha Haneef, Director 8-6093
East Asian Studies Department L. Kathleen Amon, Department Manager 8-5905
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Diane Carlino, Department Manager 8-5810
Economics Department Barbara Radvany, Department Manager 8-4000
Electrical Engineering Cecilia York, Department Manager 8-3059
Engineering - Facilities Bob Ortego, Environmental Compliance Manager 8-1841
Engineering - Utilities Eric Wachtman, Assistant Chief Engineer 8-3150
English Department Karen Mink, Department Manager 8-4059
Environmental Health & Safety Office Robin Izzo, Director 8-5294
Environmental Institute Katharine Hackett, Executive Director 8-3719
Executive Vice President Charlotte Treby Williams, Executive Vice President 8-7097
French & Italian Ronnie Pardo, Department Manager


General Counsel Office Sandra Voelcker, Legal Office Administrator 8-2503
Geosciences Department Bob Koenigsmark, Facilities and Safety Manager 8-4123
German Pat Heslin, Department Manager 8-4141
Graduate School Sandra Mawhinney, Associate Dean 8-3037
Grounds and Buildings Maintenance Bill Traubel, Director 8-3591
Health Services Janet Finnie, Associate Director 8-6830
History Department Judith L. Hanson, Department Manager 8-4151
Housing Department Andrew Kane, Director 8-3469
Human Resources Pamela Johnson, Executive Assistant 8-2430
Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics Kara Dolinski, Assistant Director 8-1895
Libraries Dottie Pearson, Associate Librarian 8-3215
Mailroom Keith Sipple, Manager 8-4007
Mathematics Department Scott Kenney, Department Manager 8-4202
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Michael Vocaturo, Department Safety Manager 8-5236
Molecular Biology Department Mike Fredericks, Safety, Health & Facilities Manager 8-1351
Music Department Marilyn Ham, Department Manager 8-4240
Near Eastern Studies Department Karen Chirk, Department Manager 8-4427
OIT Administrative Information Services Colin Currie, Director 8-8193
OIT Desktop Computing Support Dave Morreale, Assistant Director 8-6018
OIT Enterprise Infrastructure Services Steven Sather, Director 8-6023
OIT Printing and Mailing Marion Carty, Director 8-4178
OIT Telecommunications Frank Ferrara, Manager 8-6849
Ombuds Office Camilo Azcarate, Ombuds 8-1775
Operations Research & Financial Engineering Connie Brown, Department Manager 8-5422
Philosophy Department Anna Faiola, Department Manager 8-6162
Physical Planning Office Joanne Ofgant, Assistant to the Director 8-3356
Physics Department Goeff Gettelfinger, Department Manager 8-4404
Politics Department Lisa Baratta, Department Manager 8-4766
Princeton Blairstown Center Rick Curtis, Director 8-3552
Princeton Neuroscience Institute Timothy Tayler, Assistant Director 8-0826
PRISM - Bowen Don Schoorman, Senior Technical Support 8-0018
PRISM - E-Quad George (Pat) Watson, Director 8-4626
Princeton University Investment Company Anita Loerke, Administrative Assistant 8-4136
Psychology Lisa Scalice, Department Manager 8-2866
Public Affairs Bob Durkee, Vice President 8-6428
Purchasing Department Don Weston, Director 8-3407
Real Estate Department Caroline Clancy, Director 8-3123
Research & Project Administration Diane Pearce 8-3091
Registrar's Office Registrar 8-6191
Religion Department Lorraine Fuhrmann, Department Manager 8-5172
Religious Life Office Susie Van Doren, Administrator 8-5484
School Of Engineering and Applied Sciences Amy Lewis, Director of Adminstration and Services 8-8688
Slavic Languages and Literature Department Kate Fischer, Department Manager 8-4726
Sociology Department Donna DeFrancisco, Department Manager 8-4531
Spanish & Portuguese Languages Karen Gonzalez, Department Manager 8-7132
Teacher Preparation Program Jacqueline L. Swain 8-3337
Treasurer's Office Megan Adams, Director of Risk Management 8-2169
Visual Arts Marjorie Carhart, Program Coordinator 8-5847
Woodrow Wilson School Kimberly Roskiewicz, Assistant Dean 8-4827



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