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Manuals & Guides


Manuals & Guides

Scroll down this list for a description of the Manuals and Guides available from EHS on this website.

Art Safety Training Guide

This training guide provides basic information for working safely with chemicals and operations in Visual Arts. The guide is intended to supplement, but not replace, the safety orientation for faculty and students in Visual Arts.

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Biosafety Manual

The Princeton University Biosafety Manual is intended to be a resource for information, guidelines, policies, and procedures that will enable and encourage those working in the laboratory environment to work safely and reduce or eliminate the potential for exposure to biological hazards.

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Departmental Chemical Hygiene Plans

Each science and engineering department has developed a Chemical Hygiene Plan to comply with requirements of OSHA's "Laboratory Standard". The purpose of the Chemical Hygiene Plan is to provide guidelines for prudent work practices and procedures for the laboratory use of chemicals, and to protect laboratory workers from the potential health hazards of the chemicals they encounter in the workplace.

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Emergency Response Guidelines for Laboratory Workers

This guide is designed to provide simple guidelines that may be useful in the event of a fire, medical emergency, spill or personal contamination in the laboratory. The Guide includes information about response to chemical, biological, or radiation incidents. The Guidelines are posted within each laboratory. Contact your department or EHS to request a copy.

Facilities Operations Safety Guide

The Facilities-Operations Safety Manual was developed as part of an effort to provide a baseline of minimum safety requirements for all Facilities-Operations personnel.  This manual is not intended as a complete or exhaustive treatment of all possible environmental health and safety issues.  Additional information about any of the tasks or safety programs mentioned in this manual, or other health and safety issues that might arise in the workplace that are not otherwise covered here, can be found by consulting your supervisor or contacting EHS at 609-258-5294.

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Hazard Communication Training Guide

This training guide is designed to complement the Hazard Communication Training given by EHS.

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Health and Safety Guide

The Princeton University Health and Safety Guide has been written by the staff of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) to provide departments, managers, supervisors, and employees with information on a variety of health and safety topics. It is designed to serve as a general reference document and guide to assist departmental safety managers in the development and implementation of their departmental safety programs.

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Laboratory Safety Manual

This collection of resources for individuals working in research and teaching laboratories includes safe work procedures, chemical safety information, laboratory equipment safety information and links to other resources, both from Princeton and other organizations.

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Laboratory Safety Training Guide

This training guide provides basic information for working safely with laboratory chemicals and equipment. The guide is intended to supplement, but not replace, laboratory safety training.

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Laser Safety Training Guide

The guide provides information for working safely with lasers. It is intended to supplement, but not replace, Laser Safety Training offered by EHS.

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Project Managers' Safety Guide

This guide provides Project Managers with an overview of environmental health and safety issues as they relate to the organization and management of construction and renovation projects performed by outside contractors and university personnel.

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Radiation Safety Manual for Laboratory Users

This manual is a handbook of procedures and useful information for the radiation worker who uses either radioactive materials or radiation-producing machines in a laboratory setting at Princeton University. The Manual supplements, but does not replace the required radiation safety training which all radiation workers must receive.

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Radiation Safety Guide

This guide is a detailed description of the radiation safety program at Princeton University and the conditions under which radioisotopes may be used and is particularly intended for reference by Principal Investigators and Authorized Users.

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Scaffold Guide

The Scaffold Guide provides an overview of safety standards as they relate to the erection, dismantling, and use of scaffolds by Princeton University employees.

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Theater Operations Safety Manual

This manual is intended for use by student-run theater groups. Information found in the manual is applicable to all members of the theater community including directors, performers, crew, stage managers, and front-of-house personnel.

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