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Use of University Structures for Climbing

It is the policy of Princeton University that the use of University structures for "climbing" is prohibited. Given the inherent hazards to the individual, the liability of the University, and the significant risk of damage to University structures and property, the use of University structures for social, recreational and leisure time "climbing" activities is prohibited. University structures include, but are not limited to, buildings, trees, statues and flag poles.

The policy does not apply to the maintenance activities performed by the Facilities Department and its contractors, nor is it meant to prohibit "climbing" and related activities which are and which can be shown to be an integral and relevant part of any research, academic or other University sponsored program. Persons responsible for such programs and how desire approval for climbing activities should provide the University Safety Engineer in the Office of Environmental Health and Safety with specific details of the proposed activities.

Various safety aspects appropriate to the particular activity and including in all cases the adequacy of supervision will be reviewed by the University Safety Engineer. The request will also be reviewed by the engineering staff of the Facilities Department to insure that the structural integrity and strength of the structures to be used are adequate for the anticipated stresses so as to prevent injury to the persons involved. In addition, the engineering staff will make an objective evaluation of the potential damage the structures might sustain from the proposed activity. When satisfactory arrangements are made with these two offices, approval for the requested use may be granted by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety except that the Director of that office may elect to refer the request to the entire Environmental, Safety, and Risk Management committee for its review.

Violations will be reported as follows: for undergraduate students, to the Dean of Undergraduate Students; for graduate students, to the Dean of the Graduate School; for all other personnel, to the Chair or Head of the appropriate department or office.

Adopted November 16, 1977 by the Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (now ESRM).

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