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Radiation Safety


Radiation Safety

Radioactive materials, radiation-producing machines such as x-ray machines and electron microscopes, and various types of non-ionizing radiation sources (ultraviolet, magnetic, and RF emitters) are used widely in teaching and research programs at Princeton University.

In conjunction with the University's Radiation Safety Committee, Radiation Safety staff members are responsible for assisting Princeton University researchers to use these various sources of radiation safely.

If you cannot readily find the information you are seeking through the Radiation Safety page, contact the Radiation Safety Officer for further information.

NEW! How to Use Your Laboratory Survey Meter to Estimate Dose and Activity
Is it possible to use the count rate readings from the survey meter you use in the lab to estimate activity and dose rate? Researchers often ask us how the count rate measured with a G-M survey meter is related to activity and dose rate, so EHS has prepared a fact sheet to address this question.
  1. View the Fact Sheet on Quantitative Use of Laboratory Survey Meters
NEW! Viewing your Mirion Radiation Dose Reports

Our current badging vendor, Mirion Technologies, provides the capability for each badge wearer to create an online account so that you can be notified when your badges have been processed and so you can see your dose reports online.  Mirion calls this feature MDR (My Dose Review). For brief instructions about how to set up your MDR account, click hereImportant Note: Under Step 2 of the instructions, follow the directions for either TLD wearers or Ring wearers (you only need the ID number from one of your badges to set up your account).  Be sure to contact the EHS office if you have any questions or problems setting up your account.

NEW! Radioisotope Transfer Procedure




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