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Radiation Safety


Radioisotope Transfers

Personnel in a Princeton University laboratory who want to transfer radioactive materials to another Princeton University laboratory must take the steps described below. Please note that it is the responsibility of the lab lending the radioactive materials to verify that the lab which is receiving the materials is actually authorized to receive the specific radioisotope in question.

For Sealed or Plated Sources (top)

Contact the Radiation Safety Officer to request prior written approval.

For Open Sources of Radioactive Material (top)

The lab which possesses the radioactive material must either:

  • Use the online Open Source Radioisotope Transfer Form to verify that the recipient lab is authorized to receive the radioactive material (Note: If you use this online form, e-mail notification about the transfer is automatically sent to EHS).
  • Contact EHS to inquire about the recipient laboratory’s authorization prior to the transfer.

In addition:

  • The transferring lab must make a notation on the original Vial Use Log indicating that the transfer has occurred.
  • When appropriate (for example, when an entire vial is being transferred), EHS will make the appropriate inventory adjustments and will provide the recipient lab with a new Vial Use Log for the transferred vial.
  • Transfers must comply with requirements for transporting radioactive materials, as described in the Princeton University Radiation Safety Manual.

Open Source Radioisotope Transfer Form (top)

Please submit the Open Source Radioisotope Transfer Form to verify that the borrowing lab is authorized for the radioisotope materials being loaned and to send email notification to the Radiation Safety Officer.

Clicking on the Transfer Form link below will take you to the Princeton CAS page. Use your Princeton OIT NetID and any OIT log-in password. After you log in, the Transfer Form will appear.



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