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Radiation Safety


Shipping Radioactive Materials

Off Campus Shipment

The shipping of radioactive materials is regulated domestically as “hazardous materials” by the U.S. Department of Transportation and internationally as “dangerous goods” by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA).  Prior to the shipment date, University EHS must be contacted to arrange the shipment.  Fill out the Hazardous Materials Shipment Request form completely and submit the request by pushing the “Submit to EHS” button on the bottom of the form.  Upon receiving the request, EHS ensures that the appropriate pre-shipment requirements are completed. 

These requirements include:


·     Proper identification and classification of the material

“Radioactive material, excepted quantity – limited quantity of material, n.o.s.”… “Radioactive material, low specific act…




·     Choosing appropriate, certified packaging


·     Completing the required shipping documents

Shipping Paper

·     Affixing the appropriate, required labels/markings - Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods Security (non-navigational graphic)


·     Arrange for qualified shipping company


·     Perform pre-shipment radiation survey


On Campus Movement of Radioactive Materials

Never transport/move radioactive materials, even to an adjacent building, without first contacting EHS.  Prior consultation, approved packaging, and occasionally shipping papers are required for such activities.

Consult Section 8 of the Radiation Safety Manual for further information.



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