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Radiation Safety Manual


Radiation Safety Manual for Laboratory Users


Notice: Training materials found on these pages are provided for the use of Princeton University faculty, staff and students to meet training needs specific to Princeton University.

Table of Contents



SECTION 1: Radiation Spill and Incident Procedures

SECTION 2: Using Radioisotopes Safely

SECTION 3: Acquiring Radioactive Materials

SECTION 4: Receipt of Radioisotope Packages and Inventory Control

SECTION 5: Surveys and Contamination Control

SECTION 6: Dose Limits and Personal Monitoring

SECTION 7: Radioactive Waste Disposal

SECTION 8: Transporting and Shipping Radioactive Materials

SECTION 9: Radiation-Producing Machines

APPENDIX A: Contamination Surveys

APPENDIX B: The Characteristics of Common Radioisotopes

APPENDIX C: Decay Data Tables

APPENDIX D: EHS Radiation Safety Staff

APPENDIX E: Declaration of Pregnancy


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