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EHS Web Site Survey

for Princeton University Users

1. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being excellent and five being poor, please rate the EHS web site on the following elements:


                                                            Excellent           Fair             Poor

Usefulness as a health and safety resource  1    2    3     4     5

Clarity of information                                1    2    3     4    5

Level of detail for your needs                     1    2    3     4    5    

Ease of locating information                       1    2    3     4   

2. What specific area of the web site have you found most useful?


3. What additional information or links would you like to see included in the EHS web site?

4. Are there alternative means of providing health and safety information that would better suit your needs?  If yes, please describe.

5. Please provide any suggestions for ways to improve this web site.


Tell us about yourself

Status:  Faculty   Staff   Graduate Student   Post-doc  Undergrad

Work Area: Science and Engineering    Facilities Administration   
          Other Academic Department

Occupation (check all that apply)

    Safety Manager        Safety Committee Member    Supervisor
    Technical Staff        Office Support Staff               Researcher
    Tradesperson            Student    Other ( )






Thank you for your contribution.  Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated and will consider careful consideration.

If you have any questions, please contact the WebMaster.




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