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Workplace Safety

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Workplace Safety

The Workplace Safety program objectives include improving the safety of the work environment through the recognition, evaluation, and control of hazardous conditions; reducing the numbers and severity of injuries to faculty, students, and staff through training and implementation of safe work practices; and complying with regulatory requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and various state and local codes.

These objectives are accomplished through:

  • safety training to management, staff and students on a variety of topics such as electrical safety, slips and falls, back care, computer workstations ergonomics, and safe maintenance practices;
  • investigations of workplace accidents;
  • regular safety surveys of various workplaces and the campus grounds and walkways;
  • a wide variety of safety programs such as construction safety, computer workstation ergonomics, electrical safety, accident prevention, summer youth camp safety, and emergency action planning.




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