Emergency Guidelines for the Campus Community

Emergency Information Posters

The purpose of the Emergency Information Poster is to provide an easily recognizable and consistent means of displaying essential information about the status and contents of laboratories and facilities with chemicals, primarily for the benefit of persons attempting to cope with an explosion, fire, natural disaster, or other emergency. Such information is important for the safety of emergency personnel and is often of considerable value in evaluating and dealing with the emergency.

The poster is to be posted on the outside of doors leading into areas where there are potential hazards and a copy must be sent to Public Safety. EHS sends a semi-annual reminder to all Departmental Safety Managers to update the information on the posters.

Obtaining Posters

A poster pre-printed with the building name, room number and room diagram may be obtained from Kelly States.  You may also download a blank poster in MS Word format, however it is preferable to use the pre-printed poster.  A sample poster is provided below.  Follow the instructions for completing the poster.

The poster calls for the following information:

  1. The home and office phone numbers of persons responsible for and familiar with the laboratory operations,
  2. A floor plan of the room, with sketches of appropriate furniture, fume hoods, lab benches, storage cabinets ,
  3. Location of principal storage areas for hazardous materials in the room, by DOT hazard class.
  4. Specific emergency instructions or warnings, where necessary.

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