Emergency Guidelines for the Campus Community

Emergency Preparedness

This web page compiles resources for emergency preparedness and response procedures affecting Princeton University students.

Reporting Emergencies

911 is for reporting emergencies only. Do not call 911 to try to obtain information about an emergent situation.

Accessing Information About Current Emergencies

In the event of a major emergency affecting the campus, the administration will use one or more of several means to communicate with the University Community, including web announcements, emergency hotlines, e-mail, radio, Tiger TV and postings.

The Princeton Telephone and E-mail Notification System (PTENS) is a means for campus leaders to send simultaneous alerts to faculty, staff and students in a matter of minutes through landline phones, cellular phones, text messaging and e-mail. The system relies on the contact information you provide in the Student Course Online Registration Engine (SCORE). Please review your information to ensure it is up-to-date and complete.

Building Evacuation

Should there be an emergency requiring evacuation of your building, you should report to the designated assembly area where a Public Safety Officer will provide further instruction, as appropriate.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Guidelines for the Campus Community developed by the Emergency Preparedness Task Force (EPTF) are available through the “Emergency Info” Quick Link on the University Home Page. It includes information that is Princeton-specific as well as links to federal, state and other web sites. Please take a few minutes to become familiar with the content of this page.

Training and Drills

All incoming students who live in residential halls attend a briefing during orientation about fire safety, location of blue light emergency phones, and building evacuation.

The Housing Office conducts two mandatory evacuation drills each academic year in all dormitory style residences.

Additional Resources

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