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Undergraduate Fellows Forum

The Undergraduate Fellows Forum of the James Madison Program provides a unique opportunity for Princeton undergraduates to pursue, outside of the classroom, academic interests related to politics, history, law, and political thought. Opportunities available exclusively to members of the Forum include private meetings with notable guests, such as cabinet secretaries and Supreme Court justices; regular, intimate dinners with each of the Madison Program’s scholars-in-residence for an in-depth discussion of a paper he or she has written. Undergraduate Fellows are also informed of the frequent public lectures and conferences sponsored by the Madison Program, featuring very distinguished scholars and public figures. While we encourage Undergraduate Fellows to participate in the life of the Madison Program, attendance at our sponsored activities is never mandatory. The Forum’s intention is simply to foster an hospitable intellectual environment for undergraduate students to seek a better understanding of constitutional politics and the moral and philosophic dimensions of political life. The Undergraduate Fellows Forum welcomes applications from all students committed to a spirit of open inquiry and serious intellectual engagement.

To apply for membership in the James Madison Undergraduate Fellows Forum, please submit a statement via email of no more than 400 words, explaining your interest in political thought, to Dr. Bradford P. Wilson, Executive Director of the James Madison Program, at bpwilson@princeton.edu. Please include details of your studies, extracurricular activities and work experience, information about your interests in political thought and constitutional law, and the type of contribution you would like to make to the forum. Please also describe your expectations of the forum. Only undergraduate students at Princeton University are eligible to apply.

Omid Abrishamchian '18
Amy N. Addo '18
Simon Adriano '19
Megan E. Armstrong '19
Claire Ashmead '17
Michael M. Asparrin Jr. '19
Brillian W. Bao '20
Aoife M. Bennett '20
Allison L. Berger '18
Phil Brooks III '18
Elly A. Brown '18
Richard Chang '17
Ryan D. Chavez '19
Kathy Chow ’17
Monique K. Claiborne '17
Thomas H. Clark '18
Liam G. Collins '19
Magdalena D. Collum '18
Gregory DeMatteo '20
Peter C. DeMatteo '17
Evan R. Draim '17
Paul R. Draper ‘18
Ryan J. Dukeman '17
Kevin P. Duraiswamy '18
Leora Eisenberg '20
Daniel R. Elkind '17
Natalie C. Fahlberg '18
Jonathan G. Feld '18
Isaac B. Fink '17
Zachary N. Flamholz '18
Chance M. Fletcher '18
Tal Fortgang '17
Miriam S. Friedman '19
Theodore R. Furchtgott '18
Sofia Gallo '17
Luke J. Gamble '18
Sarah E. Gianakon '17
Mahishan Gnanaseharan '20
Solveig L. Gold '17
Steven M. Gomez '19
George H. Grealy '19
Grace Guan '20

Oscar A. Guardado ‘18
Allison M. Halter '18
Sinan Hanioglu '19
James A. Haynes '18
Diana Hernandez '17
Sarah W. Hirschfield '20
Oliver Y. Hsu '19
Brandon L. Joa '18
Alexander Jow '17
Abhiram Karuppur '19
Hope H. Kean '18
Ian Edward Kim '19
Thomas A. Koenig '20
Jack Leahey ‘17
Jonathan Lebeau '18
Sergio Leos '17
Nathan H. Levit '20
Leo E. Li '20
Jonathan I. Liebman '17
Ya Sheng Lin '17
Gabriel E. Lipkowitz '19
Carolyn E. Liziewski '18
Arthur MacWaters'18
Ethan D. Marcus '18
Robert R. Marshall '18
Erik M. Massenzio '17
Elizabeth Maxey '18
Peyton R. McElroy '18
Meredith L. McMahon '17
Jamil A. Merali '18
Gabriela I. Molina '18
Gonzalo E. Mocorrea '17
Nathaniel S. Moses '19
Nora A. Niazian '17
William J. Nolan '19
Tamar Novetsky '17
Camila Novo-Viano '18
Liam P. O'Connor '20
Joseph U. Obiajulu '17
Riley M. Owen '20
Sinan Ozbay '19
Peter Paine '19

Jose I. Perez-Benzo '17
Christopher W. Perron '17
Connor R. Pfeiffer '18
Danielle M. Pintz '17
Ben Press '20
Nathan W. Raab '17
Mateo Ramirez '19
Joseph Redmond '18
Jake Reichel '19
Nicholas Ritter '20
Miranda Rosen '18
Hayley V. Roth '17
Sarah A. Sakha '18
Elliot M. Salinger '17
Emerson W. Salovaara '19
Christian G. Say '17
Eli Schechner '18
Christian E. Schmidt '20
Steffen A. Seitz '17
Ruby Shao ‘17
Olivier Sirello ’17
TJ Smith '18
Owen B. Smitherman '17
Mikhael G. Smits '18
Raffi Snow '18
Paul W. Spiegl '19
Bharath Srivatsan '18
Nathan Suek '17
Elan N. Sykes '18
Katharine B. Toll '17
Charles Ughetta '19
Sam Valle '19
Eric H. Wang '18
Jack Whelan '19
Valerie K. Wilson '18
Michael R. Wisner '19
Ben Wolfson '17
Kevin A. Wong '17
Justin H. Yim '19
Noga Zaborowski '18
Kevin A. Zhang '19
Eric Zhao '20