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Princeton University Homepage
  Resources for Racial and Ethnic Harassment

Camilo Azcarate, JD, MA
University Ombuds Officer 8-1775

Joann Mitchell
Associate Provost 8-6110

Confidential Counselors

Rev. Deborah K. Blanks
Assistant Dean of Religious Life and of the Chapel 8-3621

Brenda Joyce
Senior Clinical Social Worker, Counseling Center 8-3285

Harassment Advisers

Department of Public Safety
   Donald Reichling, Assistant Director 8-3136

Office of the Dean of Student Life
   Paula Chow, Director, International Center 8-5006
   Andrea Diaz, Assistant Dean of Student Life 8-3053
   Makeba Clay, Director, Third World Center 8-5494

Office of the Dean of the College
   Carol Porter, Associate Dean 8-5519

Office of the Dean of the Graduate School
   David Redman, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 8-3032

Office of the Dean of the Faculty
   Lin Ferrand, Associate Dean 8-3022

Office of Human Resources
   Fred Clarke, Director of Employee Relations, Labor Relations and Services 8-5663

Plasma Physics Lab
   Andrea Moten, Human Resources 243-2226