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  Responding to Incidents

     The University response system is designed to afford complainants and respondents a fair, efficient, and expeditious resolution process. The process is designed to help persons who need support as they address these incidents. The University response system incorporates both informal mediation and formal disciplinary procedures to address incidents of racial and ethnic harassment.

What You Can Do

     If you are involved in an alleged incident of racial or ethnic harassment, either as a complainant (the person who is bringing a charge) or as a respondent (the person who is answering a charge), the University is committed to respond sensitively and promptly.
     For various reasons, you may be reluctant to report an incident of racial or ethnic harassment. But doing so is a service to yourself and to the community.
     The Ombuds Office monitors all incidents of alleged racial and ethnic harassment. Any member of the University community who wishes to file a complaint of racial or ethnic harassment may do so by contacting the University Ombuds Officer. There are a variety of options for resolving the complaint, including informal and formal options. For an informal resolution, there are many offices in the University that can help you deal with the issues and questions that arise from such incidents. Persons in these offices can provide opportunities for you to discuss issues and ask questions about incidents of racial and ethnic harassment. These persons are also available to receive reports of incidents and assist you in filing and responding to complaints, seeking resolution through informal means, and considering options either as a complainant or a respondent. These persons are listed below.
     For a formal resolution of a complaint of racial or ethnic harassment, the case will be referred to the appropriate University judicial system. Protocols for pursing these complaints are available through these offices: the Dean of Student Life, the Dean of the Graduate School, the Dean of the Faculty, the Vice President for Human Resources, and the Director of Human Resources at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab. Racial and ethnic harassment are against University policy and every effort will be made to identify the alleged harasser(s). If found responsible through a University judicial process, he or she will be held responsible by imposing a sanction, which may range from a Warning to Expulsion or Termination, depending on the severity of the offense.
     Retaliation against a member of the University community who brings a complaint of racial or ethnic harassment is a violation of University policy; the University will make every effort to protect you against retaliation. Further, the University will maintain the privileged nature of your discussion with the University Ombuds Officer or Confidential Counselor and provide you privacy in discussing matters with the Harassment Adviser.