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  Why Use Mediation?

     Mediation can deal with difficult issues away from the office, classroom, or dormitory in a confidential, neutral, and safe setting bring a new approach to unresolved problems or conflicts reduce tensions and improve climate and morale teach new skills sets, including better communication skills help support institutional goals de-escalate conflict and provide long-term solutions remove barriers to communication and facilitate direct conversations resolve problems in a timely way strengthen relationships transform conflicted relationships by shifting attitudes and perceptions.

How Can Mediation Enhance Campus Climate?

     Mediation can deal with issues before they become intractable or grounds for disciplinary action free management time and resources and improve management effectiveness improve productivity and efficiency help retain valuable employees and reduce unnecessary turnover help find solutions to roommate problems and lifestyle tensions improve relationships with other colleagues, co-workers, and students deal with problems arising from ethnic, racial, and cultural difference provide solutions for quality of life problems help resolve inter- or intra-group disputes open up communications where there are tensions and undercurrents.