Judy Fan

Following a nearly two-decade stint as a child based in Scottsdale, AZ, Judy took up Neurobiology and Statistics at Harvard, an adventure that wrapped up in mid-2010. She tends to funnel a lot of topics in life into three categories: cognitive science, food, and things that don't yet realize how intimately connected they are to the first two. She's in her first year at Princeton, where she's discovered the joys and perils of small molasses cookies. In addition to making sense of how people make sense of things in the lab, she also is working on studying how tubers in Peru are helping to instigate a social revolution. One mystery of the modern world she has long grappled with is the absence of traveling cloaks in any extant, mainstream garment culture — given their obvious aesthetic and functional advantages over sleeved attire. On the Opplab front, she's trying to work out how people first figure out whether something is an anomaly or not.

Contact info: jefan [at] princeton [dot] edu