Kelly Matula

Kelly is from Marlton, NJ and is a member of the Class of ‘09. She’s actually an English major, but during her junior year she came to her senses and realized she wants to pursue graduate studies in psychology instead of in English. So, in order to get some research experience, she worked as an intern in the Opplab during summer ’08 and academic year ’08-’09. When she wasn’t AWOL from the lab working on her English thesis (on philosophies of memory in Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield and Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time), Kelly assisted with various lab projects, including studies of the Retrospective Gambler’s Fallacy, the effect of fluency on disclosure, and the effect of a college education on students’ writing ability. Kelly will be spending the summer after graduation working at Educational Testing Service here in Princeton. She hopes that come next academic year she’ll be working as a research assistant in a psych lab somewhere in the Northeast.

Contact info: k.a.matula [at] gmail [dot] com
Link to CV