Syndrome (no relation to Palindrome) has been an "active" member of the lab since a fated meal at an unnamed, ubiquitous fast-food restaurant chain in which he appeared at the bottom of an equally unnamed, ubiquitous lab member's "snappy" meal. He has come to represent the best humor the Opp Lab has to offer. He is readily passed to the author of any funny remark made during lab meeting. The holder at the end of lab meeting is then asked to discharge his/her duty as the Best-Witted Opp Labster by winding up and releasing the trophy and the meeting.
Mr. Incredible
When Syndrome threatened to take over our lab meetings with everyone's witticisms aimed at his acquisition, Mr. Incredible stepped in and brought the focus back to accomplishment. Now the labsters are encouraged to tell the group when they've done something "incredible" that's worthy of their procuring Mr. Incredible for the meeting. Some may say success is its own reward. Those people have never had their success rewarded with a molded plastic action hero!
When you're funny, you're funny, but when you're not, the dreidel's what you've got. See how that rhymes? See how if you have to explain your attempt at humor it isn't funny? That's where the dreidel comes in. It was inevitable that, in a lab that rewards comic behavior, there would be some jokes that would fall flat, especially when that lab is headed by "The Danny." Instead of sounding the dutiful groan to a terrible pun or a premature punchline, we simply acknowledge the attempt and hand the dreidel over. It's a reminder to the bearer that if they can't be more amusing than a cut-throat game of dreidel then they shant speaketh.
Seal of Approval
The seal of approval (not an actual seal) is a relavite newcomer to Opp Lab meetings. It was introduced as a means to counteract the excessive emphasis on jokes that Syndrome and the dreidel have at times inspired. The seal is awarded to the person who has learned the most interesting psychology related fact that week. That person also receives the honor of officially commencing lab meetings with the seal's hypnotic windup action. It never gets old!
The Hippopotamus
Hippopotami -- they just appear out of nowhere! The Opp Lab was once baffled by these mysterious creatures' spontaneous appearances upon dry erase surfaces. Resistance proved futile, thus full acceptance became the way forward. The appearance of a hippopotamus is now regarded as a good omen, bringing good fortune to all in its presence. To many, the hippopotamus represents the Opp Lab, as its unofficial mascot. As such, we felt it important to learn the ways of the hippo, by mimicking its form (click here to learn how to mimic it's form) and by creating our own personalized versions of this glorious beast (click here to view lab members' personalized versions of the hippo).
Gourd Carving
The Opp Lab celebrates the Fall and Halloween with a pumpkin carving party. However, leaving Danny (and Debbie) in charge of bringing the pumpkins can only lead to one thing: gourd carvng. And thus a member of the Cucurbitaceae family has become an honorary Oppster! (Click here to view gourd carving photos.)
It is unclear what the relationship between the Opp Lab and the Piņata is. All that can be known for certain is that whatever their relationship was before Siete de Mayo (the semi-famous Mexican celebration of the Saturday following Cinco de Mayo), it has been infinitely worse since. Police reports indicate that on that day various members of the Oppenheimer "gang" donned brightly colored bandannas, which they used to cover their eyes while blugeoning the already hanged Piņata with a stick. Then, in a truly horrifying turn of events, they picked up Piņata's scattered entrails and began to eat them.
Box Golems
Whether it is a hubristic drive to create entities in their own image, or simply an attempt to have something to keep them company in Green Hall, members of the Opp Lab have been known to construct elaborate life-like figures out of whatever is lying around. While repeated attempts have been made to engage these beings, they have yet to show capabilities of social contingency or any of the other cognitive abilities characteristic of their organic counterparts.