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Fire Marshal

You can contact the Office of the Fire Marshall at 609-258-1000.

Fire Safety and You! A Presentation by the Fire Marshal

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Dormitory Fire Safety at Princeton University

Simple Rules to Live By:

Never ignore a fire alarm!


If a student suspects a fire or if the alarm sounds:

1. Your first action should be to grab your room keys. Be sure to alert any other occupants of the room. 

2. Roll out of bed and crawl to the door. Stay low to avoid smoke and super heated gases that may have entered your room.

3. Feel the doorknob or higher on the door with the back of your hand. If it feels hot, do not open it-the fire may be on the other side of the door. If it is not hot, open slowly.

If trapped on upper floors put a wet cloth under closed door to help prevent the spread of smoke. If you have a phone in your room dial 911 and tell the operator the following: Dorm name, room number, and that you are trapped in the room and need to be rescued. Stay on the phone until the fire department arrives at your room.

4. Hang from the window by your hands and drop to the ground to shorten the height of the fall if you must escape through an upper-story window and there is no adjoining roof or fire escape. If you must break a window to crawl out, use a chair, a drawer, or a similar object. Throw a blanket over the windowsill to help protect you from broken glass while crawling out.

5. If the hallway is clear of smoke, walk to the nearest fire exit and evacuate the building. Close your door behind you. Leave the fire fighting to the professionals.

6. Pull the fire alarm on your way out of the building if the alarm horn is not already sounding.

7. Call Public Safety at 911 from a safe place and report the nature and location of the fire.

8. Do not attempt to extinguish a fire unless you are trained to do so.

9. Do not return inside the building until instructed.

  • Fire Protection regulations are intended to prevent injuries to members of the University community and physical damage to facilities.  Rooms are inspected periodically, at random times, to assure compliance with University regulations.




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