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Crime Prevention Programs

Crime Prevention Tips

Community Partnership Initiative (CPI)

Community Policing @ Princeton University

On-Line Bike Registration


Register your bike and the Department of Public Safety will supply you with a U-Shaped Lock for just $18.00. Print this form, write in your Social Security Number or PUID, sign it, print name and Class year, your Decal # from your Princeton bike registration, and todays date. Then bring the form to Stanhope Hall and pick up your lock.

I accept your offer for a ULock to protect my bike. I understand that the $18.00 will be charged to my student account.

Social Security # or PUID: __________________________________


Name: ____________________________

Class Year: _______

Campus Bike Registration Decal #:  __________________________________

Today's Date: ______________________

Operation ID

Card Access Control
   ID cards

Escort Service

Want a Ride somewhere on Campus?  Call the Shuttle Information Line at extension 8-6861 (258-6861) or: 1. dial U-Call (8-2255). 2. press R I D E (7433) 3. press 1, and listen.

The University community is encouraged to take advantage of the crime prevention programs available from the Department of Public Safety.

Emergency Phones
Campus Shuttle


Assault Prevention Education


Campus Sexual Assault Victim's Bill of Rights

What Every Student on Campus Should Know About Sexual Assault

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