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East-West Bibliography

The East-West Bibliography is an interactive bibliography due to launch in January. Compiled with the help of SICS members who will contribute their individual databases to create a comprehensive library of references on East-West scholarship, this project will facilitate continuing interest in intercultural comparison.

Here are some of the planned functions for the bibliography:

  • Members submit their own bibliographies on East-West studies in a text form (e.g., Endnote "save as text" text).

  • The site will add these bibliographies to a master bibliography 

  • The main bibliography will be searchable and readable on the web and downloadable in text form (in Endnote "save as text" text).

  • Members will be able to click on a given citation and add their own annotation to the bibliography.

  • The bibliography will then post comments, annotations, and all with the name and email of the annotator (a la reviews).

What follows is a preliminary static bibliography intended to show the kinds of scholarship in which SICS is interested.

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