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Society for Intercultural Studies


The following are the proposed bylaws of the Society.

I. Mission.

The Society for Intercultural Comparative Studies aims to cultivate a community of future comparatists and to stimulate interest in cultural research which, though historically informed, does not depend on an historical connection or influence for comparison. Support for this objective will include disseminating information; encouraging interaction among scholars, students, and laypersons; and fostering scholarly study.

II. Activities.

The Society shall seek to accomplish its mission through sponsoring 

·        The Intercultural Comparative Studies Discussion List, which is an open discussion forum for all members.

·        The Society’s Web Site, which provides information about the Society and its conferences, and hosts the Bibliography.

·        The Intercultural Comparative Bibliography, which is an interactive database of scholarly works satisfying our criterion for ahistorical interculturalism (the first major step of which is the creation of the East-West Bibliography).

·        The Society’s Newsletter, which announces on a regular basis the Society’s progress.

·        The Princeton Graduate Symposium, which provides a forum for energizing the increasing number of scholars towards fresh directions in ahistorical interculturalist studies.

III. Organizational Structure.

A. Membership. Members of the Society shall consist of all those subscribed to sics-l or to the Newsletter.

B. The Society’s Governing Board. The Society is currently administered by a small group of volunteers. A more elaborate bureaucracy, which could include different committees and election procedures, will be designed upon future development and expansion. The duties of the Governing Board shall be:

·    Coordinating undertakings to fulfil the Mission as stated above;

·    Carrying out the Activities listed above;

·    Conducting business in the name of the Society, including initiating and maintaining ties with other organizations and groups;

·     And organizing future conferences.

IV. Conference Guidelines

Conference organizers are encouraged as much as possible to adhere to the following guidelines:

·    Each conference should be organized around a unifying theme.

·    A commitment to encourage recent scholars shall be maintained.

·    All sessions should be plenary in order to encourage coherence and uniformity.

·    Ample opportunity for discussion and dialogue should be provided.

·    Finances permitting, we will offer travel fellowships to encourage international papers.

V. Finances.

All funding for the Society currently comes from different sources at Princeton University. Please see the Sponsors section of this site for further information.  

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