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Society for Intercultural Comparative Studies

The Society for Intercultural Comparative Studies is a young organization that seeks to foster the growing community of scholars in the field of "East"-"West" intercultural criticism by providing an on-going and open forum for discussion.

The Society's first projects was the conference "Authenticities East and West," March 30 - April 1, 2001. We invited Karatani Kojin, Rey Chow, and Robert Wardy, as well as 18 younger scholars, to consider the authenticity of the positionality that historically sensitive comparison of historically unrelated materials creates.


The Society's second major project was a lecture series in Spring, 2004, entitled "East Asia and Future Directions of Comparative Literature." In this lecture series, Masao Miyoshi, Haun Saussy, Christopher Hill, and Christopher Bush spoke on the roles of East Asia and East Asian literatures in the re-formation of the humanities in general, and of comparative literature in particular.

Membership in the Society is free of fees, thanks to our sponsors, and will entitle the holder to updates about the state of East-West comparative studies. All interested scholars are urged to join through the link for site registration below. A directory of members is available through the link for member list.

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