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There are two e-mail lists you may register for at this site.

Join the Conference List to receive updates on the plans and follow-ups about the conference from the organizers. Subscribers may also send messages to the list, which includes organizers, presenters, and other participants, about the specifics of the conference and/or ideas to make the conference intellectually stimulating and enriching.

Join the SICS Discussion List to participate in on-line discussions on general issues of intercultural comparative studies. Subscribers may share information on bibliography, upcoming events, and calls for papers. Moreover, they may engage in discussions of the theoretical and practical issues of intercultural comparison. Those who cannot participate in our upcoming conference are encouraged to join the list to make contributions to scholars around the world who share similar concerns.

Membership of both lists is open to the public. An archive of past discussions will be posted at this site monthly.

You may join the lists by filling out the registration form on the registration page.

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