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What's New?


    10/13/04 - General facelift for the website.

    9/13/04 - Cosmetic updates to the index page & the links page.

    4/7/04 - Location for Christopher Bush's talk announced. The lecture will be in Chancellor Green 105, the reception in Chancellor Green 103.

    3/26/04 - Location for Christopher Hill's talk announced. The lecture will be in Chancellor Green 105, the reception in Chancellor Green 103.

    3/24/04 - A small image of the lecture series poster has been uploaded.

    3/15/04 - Christopher Hill's talk has been rescheduled for April 1. Location to be arranged.

    3/10/04 - Christopher Hill's talk has been cancelled due to illness. We are attempting to reschedule for April.

    3/8/04 - Reception space for Christopher Hill's talk announced.

    3/4/04 - Reception space for Masao Miyoshi's talk announced. Program Committee for the lecture series added.

    2/25/04 - Moderators added to the schedule.

    2/23/04 - The lecture series, "East Asia and Future Directions of Comparative Literature," is announced. This is the second major project of the Society.

    1/1/03 -A revised version of Chi-Ming Yang's conference paper was published in Comparative Literature Studies 39.4(2002) as "Virtue's Vogues: Eastern Authenticity and the Commodification of Chinese-ness on the 18th-Century Stage."

    10/1/02 - Tamara Chin received the John J. Winkler Memorial Prize for a revision of the paper she delivered at the conference, entitled "Compulsory Heterotextuality: Sappho (31) Meets Shijing (1)." We offer congratualtions to Tamara. For details, see the announcement.

    3/26/01 - Please consult the updated reading list for Karatani, all items in which are available in pdf. Links to electronically available text added to Wardy's reading list. Princeton students and faculty may find some of the readings for all three workshops in the mail room of the Department of Comparative Literature.

    3/23/01 -Updated text and images on the schedule, speakers, the Chinese call for papers in traditional and simplified scripts, and links pages.

    3/19/01 - Karatani's suggested readings, available as pdf files, are now on the web.

    3/15/01 - Details of the conference location and rooms available on the conference schedule. Also note that Robert Wardy will be giving a talk on Plato's Symposium in the Classics Dept. before the conference.

    3/5/01 -Paper abstracts and speaker vitae, accessible through the conference schedule, are now on-line for perusal.

    2/15/01 -We are pleased to announce the conference schedule, which represents an important step for our Society. Also updated is the speakers page, which includes descriptions of their workshops and their works, as well as links to Chow's and Wardy's suggested background reading and/or handouts.

    1/1/01 -We continue to expand the East-West Bibliography. Please contribute by adding your own bibliography on intercultural comparative studies to ours.

    12/4/00 - The East-West Bibliography announced and the Chinese calls for papers placed on the website.

    11/27/00 - The Japanese call for papers placed on the website.

    10/17/00 - All pages, including the call for papers, updated.

    10/1/00 - Website and call for paper announced.

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