For Currently Enrolled Students


THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF MOUNT VERNON & KNOX COUNTY have established The Donald and Sigrid Harnsberger Scholarship Fund in September 2000 with a designated gift from the Harnsberger Family.  The Harnsbergers desire to award a $10,000 scholarship annually to a student attending either Princeton University or Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  To award a $10,000 scholarship annually with the following qualifications:

Ø    The student should be a senior from any high school in Knox County and may be either male or female.

Ø    The student will be attending either Princeton University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ø    This scholarship is for a one year period.

Ø    It may be renewable at the discretion of the Distribution Committee, upon application by the student.



The Point Foundation (www.thepointfoundation.com) is pleased to announce the availability of numerous scholarship opportunities for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) students.  The Point Foundation provides financial support, mentoring and hope to meritorious students who are marginalized due to sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity.  The Point Foundation recognizes that individuals may be socially marginalized or even abandoned by family, friends and society because of their sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity. These lives should not be further disadvantaged as they prepare for the future.



The Army ROTC scholarship at Princeton pays full tuition and fees, plus an annual book and monthly spending allowances.  Cadets also receive a nominal pay, room and board, and reimbursement for travel expenses when participating in Advanced Camp and other summer leadership development programs.  Students are eligible for a two or three-year scholarship, based on demonstrated leadership performance and potential.


Ø    Applicant must be a U.S. citizen and at least 17 years old by October 1 of the year of enrollment.

Ø    Pass a medical exam and an Army Physical Fitness Test

Ø    Have at least two years remaining at Princeton University

Ø    Agree to accept a commission as an officer in the Regular Army, Army National Guard or Army Reserve

Ø    Pursue a Department of the Army approved discipline

Ø    Be willing to serve a combination of 8 years in the Regular Army, Army National Guard, Army Reserve and the Individual Ready Reserve

Ø    Contact the Princeton University Army ROTC Recruiting Officer at (609) 258-4225.



Air Force ROTC scholarships can pay up to full college tuition, provide $600 a semester for books, and pay a monthly stipend.


Ø    Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or pursuing citizenship between 14-30 (waiverable up to 35)

Ø    Meet weight standards and medically qualified

Ø    Have no serious involvement with law or school officials

Ø    Pass a physical test

Ø    Have at least two years remaining at Princeton University

Ø    Contact the AFROTC Detachment 485 Recruiting Office at Rutgers University.  E-mail rotc485@rci.rutgers.edu  or phone (732) 932-7706



The Sallie Mae 911 Education Fund was created in response to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The scholarship program is open to children of those who were killed or permanently disabled as a result of the terrorist attacks, and who are enrolled as full-time undergraduate students at approved, accredited institutions.* Scholarship awards of up to $2,500 per applicant, per school year, are available and may be renewed on an annual basis, subject to satisfactory academic progress.

Application: Download an application from www.salliemaefund.org

Deadline: Open



The Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Program is designed to increase undergraduate training in oceanic and atmospheric science, research, technology, and education.  Additionally, it is designed to recruit and prepare students for careers with NOAA and other natural resource agencies, or as educators of environmental science.  Eligibility required:

Ø    U.S. citizenship

Ø    Full-time junior or rising senior academic status at an accredited college or university within the U.S. or U.S. territories.

Ø    Cumulative GPA of 3.0 (based on a 4.0 scale) in all completed undergraduate courses and major field of study.  Majoring in NOAA-related disciplines, including, but not limited to oceanic, environmental, and atmospheric sciences, mathematics, engineering, remote sensing technology, physical and social sciences including geography, physics, hydrology, geomatics, or teacher education that support NOAA's programs and mission.

Ø    For further information regarding the Hollings Scholarship Program, please email studentscholarshipprogram@noaa.gov.


The successful applicant will be a high school senior or be attending a post-secondary institute and currently involved in some sport at that institution or in the community.  Please visit http://www.bigsunathletics.com to learn how to apply.



Ø    Available to high school seniors and college undergraduates

Ø    Forty $1000 scholarships awarded in random drawing

Ø    No essays

Ø    Program runs October through March

Ø    Apply online at usbank.com/scholarship


THE JW SURETY BONDS $25,000 SCHOLARSHIP GIVEAWAY was created to give students, both undergraduate and graduate, a chance to win up to $25,000 toward college tuition, while providing an opportunity to showcase skills in their respective fields of study and obtain professional experience for their resumes.


With their applications, students will submit original content focused on a specific business category provided on our scholarship webpage. Upon being reviewed, selected entries will be posted our corporate blog, and the student will be entered for a chance to win the $25,000 scholarship at the year end.


You can read more about our scholarship program here:  http://www.jwsuretybonds.com/scholarship/


Date Application is Available - Now
Deadline – Ongoing Quarterly on March 15th, June 15th, September 15th, and December 15th

Scholarship Amount - $500.00
Number of Awards – 2 Cash rewards, 5 Equipment rewards, 25 TCI training awards
Criteria & Link to Apply - See Below
Contact Information - Beth Worthy 714-731-9000 beth@gmrtranscription.com

1. Sponsor Information
GMR Transcription is a leading transcription services company that transcribes voice recordings for academic, business, legal, non-profit and other organizations. The company also translates from Spanish to English, English to Spanish, English to Mandarin and Mandarin to English. Over 5,200 GMR Transcription clients are served by over 200 trained independent contractor transcribers.

2. Scholarship Information

3. Requirements/Deadline:

  1. Scholarship Deadline: Ongoing Quarterly on March 15th, June 15th, September 15th, and December 15th
  2. Must be enrolled in a college/university, and use your college email address to register

Scholarship Package Includes:

Ø  Free transcription training at www.TranscriptionCertificationInstitute.org, a $399 value

Ø  A completion certificate from Transcription Certification Institute.

Ø  $500 stipend to two students who get certified

Ø  Transcription equipment package to five students who get certified

Ø  Guaranteed part-time transcription work from GMR Transcription.

4. Students can apply at this link: http://www.gmrtranscription.com/scholarship/scholarshiphome.aspx



The Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) program offers up to $168,300 to college sophomores, juniors and seniors who are earning their degrees. The NUPOC program provides a regular monthly income ranging from $3,280 to $5,610 for up to 30 months prior to graduation. All majors are eligible. Learn more at http://www.navy.com/joining/education-opportunities/undergraduate.html.



The Civil Engineer Collegiate Program (CECP) offers up to $113,100 to college juniors and seniors earning their degrees. CECP provides a regular monthly income ranging from $2,575 to $4,700 for up to two years prior to graduation. Learn more at http://www.navy.com/joining/education-opportunities/undergraduate.html.



The Nurse Candidate Program (NCP) offers up to $34,000 to college juniors and seniors to help pay for nursing school. This includes an initial grant of $10,000 plus a monthly stipend of $1,000 for up to 24 months while earning your degree.  Learn more at http://www.navy.com/joining/education-opportunities/undergraduate.html.



The Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) covers 100% of the cost of medical school, dental school or qualifying postgraduate school tuition; provides a monthly stipend of $2,088 to cover living expenses for up to four years; plus potentially offers a sign-on bonus of up to $20,000. Learn more at http://www.navy.com/joining/education-opportunities/graduate-professional.html.



The Health Services Collegiate Program (HSCP) provides anywhere from $157,000 to $269,000 to students completing medical school, dental school or qualifying postgraduate school.  That includes a monthly salary and housing allowance from $3,280 to $5,610 for up to 48 months. The specifics of this offer depend on specialty area. Learn more at http://www.navy.com/joining/education-opportunities/graduate-professional.html.



The Financial Assistance Program (FAP) provides potentially over $275,000 during a typical four-year medical or dental residency. That includes a $45,000 annual grant on top of any residency program-based salary – plus a monthly stipend of $2,088 for up to four years. The specifics of this offer depend on specialty area. Learn more at http://www.navy.com/joining/education-opportunities/graduate-professional.html.



The Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) program offers up to $168,300 to college sophomores, juniors and seniors who are earning their degrees. The NUPOC program provides a regular monthly income ranging from $3,280 to $5,610 for up to 30 months prior to graduation. All majors are eligible. Learn more at http://www.navy.com/joining/education-opportunities/undergraduate.html.



The Civil Engineer Collegiate Program (CECP) offers up to $113,100 to college juniors and seniors earning their degrees. CECP provides a regular monthly income ranging from $2,575 to $4,700 for up to two years prior to graduation. Learn more at http://www.navy.com/joining/education-opportunities/undergraduate.html.



The Nurse Candidate Program (NCP) offers up to $34,000 to college juniors and seniors to help pay for nursing school. This includes an initial grant of $10,000 plus a monthly stipend of $1,000 for up to 24 months while earning your degree.  Learn more at http://www.navy.com/joining/education-opportunities/undergraduate.html.




At this time our scholarship is open only to college-bound HS seniors and students enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate level degree program at a college or university located in the United States. You can apply for the Blaze Wifi Scholarship for Rural Students if you meet the following criteria:

§  You are a United States citizen or a permanent legal resident of the U.S.

§  You are (1) a full-time student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate-level degree program at an accredited college or university or (2) a high school senior planning to attend college in Fall 2014.

§  You have a current grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher

§  You are NOT an employee of or related to an employee of Blaze Wifi

Essay Contest College Scholarship Requirements & How to Apply

Many people do not realize that rural youth are more at risk than teens who grow up in larger cities and more populated areas. At Blaze Wifi, we want to help at-risk rural teens learn how to use Internet technology in healthy and productive ways that will help prepare them for the future and the demands of the current US job market and workforce. Writing, blogging and sharing thoughts and ideas online is one of the best ways for rural students living in remote areas of the United States to connect to the outside world, expand their knowledge base and participate in a large and active online community.

We offer this scholarship with the sincere hope that the winner will return to their hometown after graduation and help develop rural and underserved towns and cities in America.

To apply for the Blaze Wifi Rural Students Scholarship Program, write an in-depth blog post answering the following question:

How has having Internet access helped you or someone you know develop as a young person and student growing up in a rural community?

Publish an original personal essay of no fewer than 600 and no more than 1,000 words in length on any blog or website by the application deadline date (see below).

In the body of your essay, include a link back to the official Blaze Wifi website (www.blazewifi.com). Look here for more information on how to create an HTML hyperlink.

If you don't have a personal blog already, you can start a free blog quickly and easily here.


Autodesk Scholarships and Competitions; Deadline- Ongoing  http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/index?siteID=123112&id=17359857

The Company Corporation’s Quarterly Business Plan Contest; Deadline- Ongoing/Quarterly  https://www.incorporate.com/business_plan_contest.html



No application or essay

Just contribute knowledge about stuff you already know.

Who is eligible

• Full-time undergraduate or graduate students as of fall, 2013 at an accredited college or university in the United States.

• US citizens or legal permanent residents.

Help others while helping yourself

The knowledge you contribute will help others. Isn't that better than writing an essay no one will read except a scholarship review board?

Know your chances of winning

A leaderboard shows you how you're doing. With traditional scholarships, who knows what your chances are.

Weekly cash awards

You can win awards along the way so it's not all or nothing.


The Sussle Scholarship is awarded monthly. It begins and ends every calendar month. Start early to improve your chances. For more information, visit http://sussle.org/scholarship.



The winning entrant will receive a check in the amount of $1,000.00 (one thousand) U.S. dollars (which may be used without restriction in the winning entrant’s sole discretion, but that we hope will contribute to furthering his or her education). The Scholarship Prize will be sent to the winner by U.S. First Class Mail or by other means of transmission selected by Emergency Lights Co. in its discretion, within five (5) business days of Emergency Lights Co. selection of the winning entry. The winner will be required to submit a signed W-9 form, and will be sent a 1099 form for tax purposes in January, 2015.


Submit your entry to the Emergency Lights Co. website. Also link your video entry to either our Facebook or Twitter page located at:



Additionally, generate interest for your entry however you can through social media. You must include contact information for us to reach you (in case you are the winning entrant) as follows (the “Entrant Contact Information”):

Your name;

Your email address;

City and state of residence in the U.S.

Your phone (optional)



This contest is open only to citizens and legal residents of the United States over the age of 13. Entrants must be enrolled as a high school senior, or a student enrolled in any undergraduate or graduate college program. We will affirmatively verify the eligibility of the winning entrant, and he or she will have to sign an affidavit confirming eligibility.



MySolo401k.net is a leading facilitator of 401k small business financing. Our 401k SelfStarter Plan, also known as a rollover as business startup (ROBS), allows entrepreneurs to fund a business or franchise with their retirement funds without taking a taxable distribution or loan. By minimizing debt, the business is more likely to succeed. Ultimately, we empower individuals to turn their idea or concept from a dream into a reality.

Of course, we know the benefits of funding a business or franchise with 401k, IRA or other retirement funds, but we want to hear it from your perspective: What are the benefits of using retirement funds to purchase or fund a business or franchise? Why should an individual use retirement funds over traditional forms of small business financing (equity and debt financing)? What is the long term value of the ROBS transaction to a business owner?

Who:  Any student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at any accredited United States university, college or trade school.

What:  A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded; this money can be used toward tuition or books.

When:  Submission deadline is December 15, 2014

How:  Applicants must submit an essay of 1,000 words minimum on the topic "What are the benefits of using funds in your 401k, IRA or other retirement account to finance your business or franchise?” 

Apply at :http://www.mysolo401k.net/benefits-using-401k-to-fund-business-franchise-scholarship.html


THE BROKERFISH SPRING 2015 SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM is now open and offers a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship for any higher education student!

Status: Open Semester: Spring 2015 Award: $1,000! Deadline: 21st December, 2014

Write an essay. Win a $1,000 scholarship!

BrokerFish.com helps people from all over the world find and buy international health insurance that's perfect for their needs. As an international company, we also want to help students like you to realize the potentially life-changing impact that studying can have both personally and professionally.

FREE to enter, the 2015 scholarship program is designed to help you save money during the academic year and help with your path to a successful future. Created for high school and university students, now is the time to take advantage of this limited offer to lower your tuition and achieve your academic and career goals! Check out the 2013 winner!

Scholarship Qualifications

How to Enter? Submit 3 Things

Write a 500-1,000 word essay entitled: "The Importance of International Health Insurance for Expatriates." and 2) include a photograph that captures the thrust of your essay. The essay should focus on why international health insurance is so important for people when studying, working or retired away from their home country.

We also need to make sure the scholarship goes to a qualified student so you also need to provide proof of admission / enrolment in your accredited institution of higher education. For example, if you're graduating high-school and you've been accepted into university, we need to see proof that you have been accepted. Once ready, email all three to scholarships@brokerfish.com with subject line: "2015 BrokerFish Spring Scholarship". Best of luck!


AT 1DENTAL.COM, we understand the value of investing in the future of dentistry. That's why we've created this Dentistry Scholarship by 1Dental.com. We will award one aspiring dental student $1,000 to go toward their 2015 spring semester.

If you are an aspiring dentist or dental hygienist who is passionate about dental health and changing technology, then we want to hear from and invest in you!

WHAT is required?

In 500 words, tell us what recent or upcoming technology you think will reshape - or is already reshaping - the field of dentistry

WHEN is the deadline?

December 21, 2014 at Midnight Central Standard Time

to Submit Your Essay

Please submit your 500-word essay to scholarships@1dental.com

You'll Also Need to Include:


The top 5 applicants will be notified the first week of January and their entries published on the 1Dental blog the week of January 12th.

Social Sharing Competition

There will be a social-sharing competition for the top 5 applicants to help decide the final winner. Finalists will be notified at the beginning of January with instructions about how and when to start promoting their entry on social. They'll have the opportunity to spread the word to friends and family while we publicize their entries to our members to rally their votes, as well.

Only One Will Win

One winner will be chosen and announced on January 16th by 4:00pm. Central Standard Time

Scholarship Rules and Eligibility Requirements

·         To apply, you must be enrolled in high school (seniors only), college or graduate school. Enrollment will be verified by 1Dental.com.

·         1Dental.com employees or relatives may not apply for this scholarship

·         Submissions will not be accepted after December 21, 2014.

·         1Dental.com may disqualify any applicants whose submissions use inappropriate language or exhibit any behavior that can be deemed offensive.

·         Applicants must be United States residents.

·         Upon submission, all essays will become the property of 1Dental.com.

Privacy Policy

1Dental.com values your privacy. Any personal information provided by students applying for this scholarship will only be used as a part of this scholarship program. It will not be used for marketing purposes. Furthermore, 1Dental.com will not share any applicant's personal information apart from their name, if they are a finalist, with any outside source. Applicants will be notified if they have been selected as a finalist or winner at the beginning of January 2015.


THE GALLERY COLLECTION'S 8TH ANNUAL CREATE-A-GREETING-CARD $10,000 SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST. We are offering both students and members of the United States military a chance to win $10,000 towards their education. Also, we have introduced a separate $1,000 military award which means that a member of the U.S. military has a chance to win a total of $11,000!  Entering the contest is easy. Students must submit a unique photo, piece of artwork, or computer graphic for the front of a greeting card. The students with the best design will win a $10,000 scholarship and have his/her design made into an actual card to be sold in our line.  To enter, please visit http://www.gallerycollection.com/greeting-cards-scholarship.htm



Attention, all present and future college students!

Are you witty? Savvy with technology? Broke? Then have we got an opportunity for you.
This year, for the first time ever, Mhelpdesk will be offering a scholarship for the Spring 2015 semester. Many will enter, and one of those eager entrants will be walking away from the experience with a check for a cool $1500.00. Want that person to be you? Stick around for a second, and we’ll tell you how.

See, we like money too. That’s why we work so hard to reach as many customers as possible. Of course, reaching those customers is much easier said than done. Today’s agile online audience is sick of hearing about weird tips from moms and why doctors hate so many people. We need new funky-fresh ideas, and that’s where you and the rest of the nation’s youth come in. We want YOU to help us build the next game-changing advertisement.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to create a commercial we can use to break out of the pack. You’ll have 60 seconds of video to sell our business to the people who need us. Make us laugh! Make us cry! Obligate us to leave anonymous tips with mental health professionals in your area! Whatever you do, just don’t bore us.

Think you have what it takes? See our official rules below for complete details and a bunch of other words that only lawyers understand and care about. Learn more about some of the industries we serve. The features we boast. And don’t forget to fill out the entry form!

Easiest $1500.00 you ever made.

Skip the legal mumbo-jumbo, go to the entry form



Hey students! Looking for a chance to prove your talents and earn some cash for school? Look no further. For the first time this year, EmergencyLights.net will be offering a writing scholarship.

You’re probably used to writing scholarships where you’ll be expected to turn out a thick, professionally-formatted stack of papers stuffed with sources and analysis, but that’s not what we’re about here. We like to keep things simple and functional. All we need from you is a blog.

That’s right. We’re looking for some great new ideas for our blog, and we’ve decided to turn to the nation’s future for inspiration. We want you to put the spotlight on interesting people and things, and then get people interested in it. You may just be a few hundred words away from an awesome $1,000.00 scholarship. Find out how to get started, below.


STEP 1: Create a video entry about our topic, and write a 500 word essay explaining your arguments.

STEP 2: Submit both through our website and link your video entry to our facebook or Twitter page at:



STEP 3: Get Attention! Gather [LIKES] [VIEWS] [SHARES]

TOPIC: How Would You Solve the U.S. Skilled Labor Crisis?

“Many are now claiming that the lack of skilled labor in the U.S. is reaching crisis level. Research this problem, and submit a video and essay suggesting solutions.”

Our judges will choose a winner based on who has created the best entry and generated the most buzz around their topic, as determined by our judges. Ready to go out there and get people engaged? Start as soon as possible to give yourself the most time, but first, take a look at our official rules and conditions.

Skip the legal mumbo-jumbo, go to the entry form


By entering this contest, you agree to all official rules and regulations governing the winning of any prizes.

Winner will be selected at the sole discretion of Emergency Lights Co., in accordance with the Judging Criteria set forth below.

No purchase or payment of any kind is required to enter or to win.


Create a video entry for Emergency Lights Co., along with a 500 word essay explaining any arguments used in the video. Your submission should be consistent with the topic, and entertaining. It will be your responsibility to draw attention to your video, as determined by “likes”, “shares” and other criteria decided by our judges.

Format: Video and Short Essay

Medium of transmission: upload to designated sites

Content: all original, no third party content



Michigan Auto Law is pleased to offer two scholarships each year to college students that have been injured in an auto accident.  Student must be a U.S. citizen and have a minimum 2.75 GPA to be considered.  A one page essay describing your injuries and how you have overcome them to pursue an education is required.  Application deadline is December 31st of every year.

Review all requirements and download an application from the Opportunities section of our website at www.michiganautolaw.com


CHARLESTON.COM will award two $1,000 scholarships annually in each of the fall and spring semesters to students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs at any accredited United States college or university. We want to help you focus on your education by relieving some financial burdens; use this scholarship towards tuition, books or other college expenses.

How do I apply?

Email your essay of 300-500 words to scholarships@charleston.com, or post it on your blog or website with a note and a link to www.charleston.com and send us an email with a link to your essay. Be sure to include your name, email address, and phone number so that we can notify winners. All submissions must be applicant’s own work. All applications submitted become the sole property of the sponsor, Charleston.com, and may be reprinted. No more than one entry per applicant. Winners will be notified by either email or phone. Scholarship winners will be required to send in a brief written bio. Two exceptional essays will be chosen, one for each semester. Choose from any of the following topics:

1.       Where in South Carolina do you want to travel, and why?

2.       Next time you’re in Charleston, what will you be sure not to miss?

3.       Tell us about a little known historical fact of Charleston or South Carolina, and what it means to you.

4.       What is Charleston or South Carolina well known for, and what do you think they should be known for that they’re not already?

5.       Charleston has been voted the #1 tourist destination and the #1 US city for three consecutive years by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler, and the #1 city in the US and Canada by Travel+Leisure magazine . What to you makes a destination city #1?

Link: http://www.charleston.com/scholarships.aspx

Who: Any student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program in the spring or fall semester at any accredited United States college or university

What: Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded annually, one for each semester

When: Submission deadlines are December 15, and May 15 of each year

Award Dates: January 15 and June 15, annually

How: Email your essay of 300-500 words to scholarships@charleston.com, or post your essay to your blog or website with a note and a link to www.charleston.com and send us an email with a link to your essay


As strong advocates for higher learning, we are proud to give back to aspiring lawyers through the FARZAD FAMILY LAW SCHOLARSHIP. This annual scholarship is awarded to one student based on merit.

Please review the eligibility requirements and application process below. Remember to include:

The scholarship recipient will receive the scholarship award within 30 days of the deadline. By participating, you are giving your consent for us to contact you via mail, email and/or call to you. In addition, if you are the winner, you are giving us your express consent to use your name, college or law school identification and your essay on this site and for any other promotional purposes. If you want us to use your photo, please send that in with your submission.

Eligibility Requirements

Scholarship Award: $3,000

Application Deadline: Must be received by December 15, 2014

This scholarship is available to all pre-law and law students who are currently admitted to and attending an undergraduate degree program in pre-law at an accredited American university or college or are admitted to and attending a state accredited law school.

How to Apply

Please write an essay on the question outlined below and provide us with proof of your current attendance at the college or university (for example, if you wish, by including your transcripts). Your response should be between 2,500 to 4,500 words, although the length is not strictly enforced.

Submissions must be sent to us by either email or mail:


Farzad Family Law, APC
1851 East 1st Street, #1150
Santa Ana, CA 92705

You are required to include the following information in your application:

·         Your full name, address, and contact details including your phone number and email address.

·         A statement of your current academic status, as well as evidence that you are currently attending college or law school as set forth above. You may submit as evidence your most current undergraduate or law school transcript. You give us express consent to confirm your admission and attendance by contacting the college or university.

·         Your essay as a Word document, Pages (Mac) or PDF attachment. Essay’s in WordPerfect or any other form will not be accepted.

2014 Essay Question

Should the right to marry for same sex couples become a federal constitutional right by amendment to the United States Constitution or remain a State issue?

Tips for the Essay

1. Research the subject. This is an issue rich with opportunity for creative and persuasive writing. It is topical and controversial. It invokes the original founding fathers’ intent, social and societal changes and norms, the role of Federal versus State government, the sanctity or lack thereof of marriage as a civil union and related issues.

2. We are not looking for a lesson on the Constitution and the amendment procedure. While that can certainly be part of the discussion and should be, this essay requires you to evaluate the issue from a legal, traditional, societal and possibly moral perspective and whether you attach significance to each and to what extent.

3. Be original. Do not simply regurgitate what you have read others write. Do not plagiarize. It is grounds for immediate disqualification.

4. We place no value on your specific political or religious beliefs although you are free to include some politics and/or religion in your essay, within context, if you believe it to be necessary. This essay will be judged on the quality of the writing and its persuasiveness. We will judge it objectively and without regard to a “right” or “wrong” position.


VSOD IS OFFERING A $500 COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP IN 2015 to help assist students working towards a degree and to increase awareness in internet technologies and connectivity in the United States.

Our scholarship is open only to college-bound high school seniors and students enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate level degree program at a college or university located in the United States. You can apply for the VSOD.Net Scholarship if you meet the following criteria:

§  You are a United States citizen or a permanent legal resident of the U.S.

§  You are (1) a full-time student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate-level degree program at an accredited college or university or (2) a high school senior planning to attend college in Fall 2015.

§  You have a current grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher

Scholarship Contest Requirements & How to Apply

The Internet is currently an open entity for all people who have access to it to be able to voice their thoughts and opinions. With a large majority of people having at least basic access to the web, the following questions remains: What is the future of the Internet? What more could it become?

To apply for the VSOD.Net Essay Scholarship Contest, please write a short essay on the topic below:

What do you think the status of the Internet will be in five years? What kind of technology will incorporate Internet access? What limitations will be placed on access to the internet?

Please write an original short essay between 600 & 1,000 words in length and email it to future@vsod.net by the deadline date.
Note: Your submitted essay must be sent from your .edu email account


VSOD.Net Blog Post Scholarship Deadline

To be enter to win the $500 VSOD.net Scholarship, you must submit your application to scholarship@vsod.net using your official school email address* before the deadline of 12:00PM (EST) on June 1, 2015. Include your name and "Scholarship Application" in the email subject line and include the following information in the content of your email:

§  Your first and last name

§  Your degree program and expected graduation year

§  A valid phone number and email address where you can be reached

§  The full name of your high school, university or college

Contest Winner Selection & Announcement

All applications will be judged on the following criteria:

§  Originality

§  Creativity

§  Proper grammar, spelling & punctuation

The scholarship winner will be selected by a selection of judges after a full review of all the entries submitted. The review process will start shortly after the final day of the application deadline. We will share a link to the winning post on this page and will directly notify the award winner 4-6 week after the deadline.

Since 2002, the MID-ATLANTIC CHAPTER OF THE INTERNATIONAL EROSION CONTROL ASSOCIATION (MAC-IECA) has been awarding annual scholarships to students who are enrolled in four-year colleges and universities and are considering a career in erosion and sediment control industry or related field.  These fields of study could include, but are not limited to: biology; environmental science; earth studies; earth science; agricultural, civil, and environmental engineering; natural resources management; soil science; agronomy; geology, hydraulics; hydrology; construction technology; environmental education; forestry; agricultural science; marine science; and landscape architecture.

Once again, MAC-IECA will be offering several scholarships totaling $3,000.00 for the spring semester, 2015, to students within colleges and universities in the Mid-Atlantic region.  You can obtain a general information sheet and scholarship application also at our website, www.macieca.org



We at Excel Builders are proud to announce our first-ever college scholarship for the 2015 school year. It is our hope that this $1,000.00 scholarship will make a big difference towards helping one student achieve his or her dreams. The scholarship is available to college students and high school students entering college. Entry close date is December 30th, 2014. Winner will be chosen January 15, 2015.

About Our Scholarship

Few industries are as close to the changing way that people live their lives as home construction. We’ve seen amazing changes in the way people live their lives since we started in this business, in everything from style to comfort and efficiency. We know that new life-changing innovations are always just around the corner. Who better to tell us about the homes of the future than the nation’s students? Your mission, should you choose, is to prepare an essay on one of the following topics:

1.    Luxury Topic: With Companies Like Nest Popping Up, Home Design and Customization Has Never Been So Interesting. What Features would You Like to See on the Homes of the Future?

2.    Sustainability Topic: Environmentally Friendly Home Building is a Hot Topic. How Can We, As Potential Home Buyers, Come to the Aid of our Planet?

3.    Novelty Topic: Oh no! A zombie plague has swept across the land. Tell us about the defensive and comfortable features of your post-apocalyptic pad.

You will also be asked to include a personal statement. You will find further instructions on the entry form.

Learn about the good work we are doing in Maryland and Delaware.

Scholarship Entry

Apply here: scholarship entry form.

See official contest rules




“78% of people have had at least 1 cavity by the age of 17.” – Statistic Brain

Here at Dentistry at Happy Canyon, we are invested in making sure everyone is getting the best care for their teeth. One problem we have as a society is the fact that people do not have a great system of how they take care of their teeth, thus causing cavities and other tooth and gum issues. Because we see these negative effects every day, we have created a scholarship contest that will help spread the word about different habits others can get into in order to keep their gums and teeth free of cavities and other health problems. The winner of this scholarship will receive a $500 scholarship to put towards higher education.


High school seniors and higher education students who have been or are accepted into a college, university, or trade school.



We would like each student to create an essay to let others know about their daily habits and how they can help others and how they have helped you achieve healthier teeth.


Judged on

Essays will be judged on creativity, as well as the ability to grasp the importance of good habits when it comes to teeth cleaning.


Application Directions

858 West Happy Canyon Rd #135

Castle Rock, CO 80108

(303) 688 – 3800

·         With your essay, include the following:

o    Your name, phone number, and mailing address

o    The school you will be enrolled in

o    Your area of study

·         If you have any questions about this opportunity, use our contact form or call us at 303.688.3800.

·         The deadline for this scholarship is December 31st, 2014. A winner will be selected by January of 2015.



Sponsor/Institution Information:

Organization: Datatech Labs

Address: 8000 East Quincy Avenue

City, State, Zip: Denver, CO, 80237

Country: United States

Phone: (888) 288-3282


E-mail: info@datatechlab.com

Website: http://www.datatechlab.com/


Contact Information:

Person for Students to contact: Jeff Patrick

Title: Datatech Labs Scholarship Coordinator

Address: 8000 East Quincy Avenue

City, State, Zip: Denver, CO, 80237

Country: United States

Phone: (888) 288-3282


E-mail: scholarship@datatechlab.com


Award Information:

Name of Award: Disguise your External Hard Drive Scholarship Contest

Application URL: http://www.datatechlab.com/scholarship

Deadline: December 31, 2014

Type of Award: Contest

GPA: None

Is award school specific? If yes, which school? No

Amount awarded: $1,000

Number of awards: 1

Enrollment Levels: College students and high school seniors in the United States


Award description:

Datatech Labs has seen far too many cases of hard drives being stolen because hard drives can be very valuable and they look like hard drives. This year, we are giving students the opportunity to come up with a creative hard drive disguise in order to prevent hard drives from being stolen. You must be a high school senior who has been accepted into a college/university/trade school or a student that is currently enrolled in one of these schools. We want to see how creative you can be with your disguise of the external hard drive. Create your disguise, take a picture of the disguise in action, post images on Pinterest, and send us the link to your board.  The winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship that goes towards college tuition.

SeniorAdvisor.com NEW JERSEY IN-HOME CARE INNOVATION SCHOLARSHIP: “Home Care Services for SeniorsThree $1,500 scholarships available to students enrolled in an associate's degree, bachelor's degree or graduate level program at an accredited 2-year college or 4-year university. Each eligible student will submit a 500-750 word essay on one of our three essay topics. Deadline is December 31, 2014. Scholarship award recipients will be announced January 31, 2015.

Essay topics and scholarship details can be found on the SeniorAdvisor.com In-Home Care Innovation Scholarship page: https://www.senioradvisor.com/ind/in-home-care




For this, the inaugural year of the annual Sutliff & Stout scholarship contest, we are asking students to come up with an idea and a prototype for technology that would prevent texting and driving altogether.


Applicants must be either high school seniors or college students who are either currently enrolled in a college, university, or trade school, or will be entering a school for the upcoming semester.


Of the submissions that we receive, we will choose 3 winners:

·         First place = $1,000

·         Second place = $500

·         Third place = $250


Come up with an idea for technology which would effectively put an end to texting and driving. Then, create a prototype of that technology. This could be as simple as a cell phone lock-box, or as complex as a car which drains a cell phone’s battery. We would like to see how creative you can make your prototype. It does not necessarily need to work (clearly, that would be unfair of us to ask). We are interested in seeing how creative and inventive you can be.

Submissions will be judged on:

·         Creativity

·         Potential effectiveness

·         Presentation

How to Apply:

1.    Come up with an idea for technology that would end texting and driving

2.    Create a prototype based on your idea

3.    Upload at least 5 images of your prototype to Pinterest with a short description about your product. Name the board: Technology for Texting and Driving Prevention

4.    Send the link to your Pinterest board to info@sutliffstout.com along with the following information:

·         Your full name

·         The name of the school you are or will be attending, along with proof of acceptance/enrollment

·         Your area of study

By submitting your application, you are giving Sutliff & Stout, PLLC the permission to use and display your images for marketing and promotional purposes.

Deadline:December 31st, 2014

A winner will be selected by January 31st, 2015


ADT PROTECT YOUR HOME is currently offering an educational scholarship for $500.

Scholarship Details:

Interested applicants must be currently enrolled at a college/university or be enrolling in the upcoming semester

Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or permanent legal resident of the U.S.

Scholarship recipient will receive a one-time $500 scholarship that is made payable to the student’s approved college/university and mailed directly to the designated college/university

Interested students should write a 400-600 word essay, on how mobile technology has been used in education and how it could improve education/classes for future students.

Students must submit their name, email and essay by December 31, 2014 to scholarship@homesecurity.io



The attorneys of Truck Accident Attorneys Roundtable are pleased to offer our first annual scholarship for college students who are survivors of truck accidents and have overcome their injuries while pursuing an education.

Every year we dedicate a portion of our fees to truck safety and truck accident prevention. This year we have also created a truck accident injury scholarship for the survivors of truck accidents.

Our attorneys help people injured in truck accidents. We want to lend a hand to those who have survived and who are demonstrating resolve and determination to rebuild their lives. We also want to recognize individual acts of heroism and hard work, as this scholarship serves as an important reminder that each and every person injured in a truck accident is a person, not a number or a claim. Today, the trucking industry often puts profits ahead of safety. When personal injuries and pain and suffering are given average dollar settlement values, we lose sight of what it means when someone is hurt in a serious crash and how drastically a life can be changed.

Our annual scholarship of $500 will be awarded to one applicant in 2015.

Eligibility and selection criteria

Applicants must:

Selection is based on the overall strength of the application and how that applicant has overcome the challenges he or she has faced from being injured in a truck accident.

Application requirements

Application deadline: December 31, 2014

Applicants must submit the following items:

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, please complete the Truck Accident Injury Scholarship Application.

All application materials can be sent by e-mail or fax on or before the December 31, 2014 deadline.

Fax to the attention of Jordan Jones at (877) 757-6406 or email all documents to JJones@truckroundtable.com. 

For questions, please email Jordan Jones at JJones@truckroundtable.com


HOMEINSURANCE.COM is offering a $1,000 scholarship; open to current students, to help offset tuition costs. Students are asked to create an original article on one of the two topics provided. More details and the online application form can be found here:  https://homeinsurance.com/home-insurance-scholarship.html.  Deadline to apply is December 31, 2014.


At the Atlanta law firm of BOLING RICE, LLC, our attorneys understand the value of education as well as the often significant costs associated with obtaining one.  As attorneys, we are well aware of the financial strain that tuition, books, parking, and other educational expenses can put on both students and families. We value helping people who show promise and initiative, and for this purpose are pleased to be offering a $1,000 yearly scholarship to help students meet their financial needs.

Link to details:



THE THERMO SCIENTIFIC PIERCE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM for the Spring 2015 semester includes two (2) $10,000 scholarships and four (4) $5,000 scholarships, to be awarded to undergraduate and graduate students with a declared major of biology, chemistry, biochemistry, or a related life-science field. To qualify for the scholarship, students must have a GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) and be enrolled in an accredited college for university for the Spring 2015 semester. In addition to these qualifications, students must also be legal United States residents, meaning that students possessing appropriate Visa status in order to study in the United States are also eligible.


Students may apply for the scholarship through the Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship Website. Applications will be accepted until 1:00 p.m. PT on December 29, 2014. Each application will be reviewed and evaluated by a scholarship committee and announced to the chosen recipients by January 12, 2015. We strongly encourage all students that meet the scholarship award criteria to apply for this great scholarship! All questions regarding the scholarship may be directed to piercescholarship@thermofisher.com


The Levin Firm to Offer Two $1,000 Scholarships

At The Levin Firm, we value education and helping those in need. We also understand that school can be a significant expense and know how hard it can be for students and their families to make ends meet. Between housing, tuition, books, and school supplies, the cost of attending college or graduate school can easily rise into the tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. In an effort to make things a little easier for students and their families, we are pleased to be offering two yearly $1,000 scholarships to individuals who are currently attending or planning on attending college or graduate school in the near future.

Essay Topic

In order to apply, applicants must submit a 500+ word essay on the following topic: Millions of people each year are injured in accidents involving cars and other motor vehicles. What are some ways the law can be changed in order to make our roads and highways safer? Out of the pool of applicants, we will choose five finalists. We will then post the five finalists’ essays on our blog and our social media pages.

I’m a Finalist – Now What?

Now it’s your turn to share your hard work! The finalists will be responsible for promoting their entries within their social media networks – get your friends, family, and followers to like or share your essay for the best chance to win! The two winners will be determined by the amount of social media “buzz” the winning essays generate in terms of likes, retweets, +1s, or shares. In order to be eligible to participate, applicants must simply be either currently enrolled in or actively applying to a college or graduate/professional program.

Application Guidelines

The application guidelines are as follows:

We look forward to reading your submissions and helping the winners meet their educations costs. To contact The Levin Firm, call us today at (215) 825-5183.






March 1, 2015  $1,000


8TH ANNUAL CREATE-A-GREETING-CARD $10,000 SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST and win $1,000 for your school. Design a greeting card and you could win a $10,000 scholarship plus, your entry will be made into a bona fide greeting card by the leading publisher of premium quality cards in the United States, The Gallery Collection.


The Gallery Collection is also pleased to announce that we will be selecting an entry from a member of the United States Military to be given a $1,000 award.

This award will have no bearing on your eligibility to win the Grand Prize.

Here's How:

·         Submit original photo, artwork or computer graphics for the front of a greeting card

·         Contest submissions accepted from April 14, 2014 - February 18, 2015. Winner will be announced April 24, 2015

·         Age Eligibility: Must be 14 years or older at time of entry and be enrolled in High School, College, University or Homeschool

·         The finalists will now be decided by voting! Find out more on the entry page.

Click Here to Enter!

Official Rules

Scholarship FAQs




Ø  Exhibit leadership, integrity, and determination.

Ø  Demonstrate excellence on and off the court

Ø  Aspire to reach another level in sports + life.

Apply today, submit:

·         an application

·         a reference

·         a 500 word essay

·         a 1 minute video.

Winners will receive $2,000 plus a $500 CoachUp Gift Certificate.




The field of finance is changing rapidly, largely in response to regulations designed to protect market practitioners and to prevent financial crises. FINCAD has long believed that deep market knowledge, transparency and trustworthiness play a critical role in making financial markets safe for all participants.

In addition, FINCAD is keenly aware that the majority of practitioners in the capital markets industry are men, and that the trend to include more women in the industry is not as rapid as it should be.

For these reasons, FINCAD established the annual FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship Program. The goal is to encourage and support outstanding women in the field of finance, particularly relating to the use of derivatives in capital markets and/or financial risk management, and give them an opportunity to cultivate their skills and knowledge.

The FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship Program offers an award of US$10,000 to support graduate-level studies.

The scholarship is open to women of any age and citizenship who are studying Finance in a graduate-level program. Complete application packages are due February 27, 2015.

For more details, please download the application form.


SAVEPLANS.COM is currently offering a $750 college scholarship in 2015 to help assist students working towards their college degrees! Whether you are just starting college or you are going after your Masters degree, SavePlans.com wants to brighten your path!

Applicants for the SavePlans.com Scholarship must meet the following criteria:

§  You are a United States citizen or a permanent legal resident of the U.S.

§  You are (1) a full-time student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate-level degree program at an accredited college or university or (2) a high school senior planning to attend college in Fall 2015.

§  You have a current grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher

Scholarship Contest Requirements & How to Apply

Going to the dentist isn't anybody's favorite task, but it is still one that needs to happen regularly. While dentists go through years of schooling to learn how to help any problem you may come across, people are still bothered by the thought of all the needles and sharp tools. These items sometimes become a cause for concern and can truly affect ones experience and future thoughts of the dentist office.

To qualify for the SavePlans.com College Scholarship, you must answer the following questions:

What was your worst experience at the dentist office? Why was it so poor? What could have made it better?

Please write an original short essay between 500-1,000 words in length and email it to future@saveplans.com by the deadline date. Note: You must specify which college you are attending in the email.

Additional Guidelines: Essays must be written in 12pt Times New Roman font and double spaced.

Submission & Save Plans Scholarship Deadline

To be enter to win the $750 SavePlans.com College Scholarship, you must submit your application to future@saveplans.com before the deadline of 12:00PM (EST) on June 1, 2015. Include your name and "Scholarship Application" in the email subject line and include the following information in the content of your email:

§  Your first and last name

§  Your degree program and expected graduation year

§  A valid phone number and email address where you can be reached

§  The full name of your high school/university/college

Selection of Scholarship Winner

All applications will be judged on the following criteria:

§  Originality

§  Creativity

§  Proper grammar, spelling & punctuation

The scholarship winner will be selected by a group of judges after a full review of all the entries. The review process will start shortly after the final day of the application deadline. We will announce the winner via this website and an email blast to all participants.



Bryant Surety Bonds is proud to offer two scholarship competitions

Bryant Surety Bonds is a small, family-run business that specializes in surety bonds for all applicant types.  Started in 2007 we have helped thousands of individuals start the new business they’ve always dreamed of by bonding their start up.  Today we plan to help the next generation by offering two scholarship opportunities:

Scholarship #1: $1,000 Essay Scholarship

Write an essay of 500-2,000 words on one of the following topics:

Topic #1: Are surety bonds worth the cost?  In other words: How do surety bonds protect the industries they are issued for?

Helpful Resources:

·         What is a surety bond?

·         How much does a surety bond cost?

·         How to be bonded?

Topic #2:  Freight brokers have seen a dramatic requirement shift in 2013 with the passing of MAP-21.  One item of this bill, which took effect October 1, 2013, is a requirement that $75,000 be posted to the FMCSA for any freight broker or forwarder.  This is up from the previous requirement of $10,000.  Essay question: How has the new freight broker bond requirement positively or negatively affected the broker industry?

Helpful Resources:

·         Freight Brokerage Business

·         Freight Broker Bonds

·         Freight Broker Bond increase in a nutshell

Topic #3: How to open an auto dealership in the state where you live?

·         Pro Tip:  Give young entrepreneurs your best business advice on how to open an auto dealership in your state.  Guide them through the process and give them your best local tips

Topic #4: How can the trucking industry overcome the current truck driver shortage?

·         Pro Tip:

·         Did you know that more than 80% of all goods in the U.S. are transported by a truck at some point in their cycle?  Currently, the industry is facing a truck driver shortage and it is estimated that for the next 10 years the industry needs to hire 100,000 truck drivers per year in order to overcome the shortage.

Scholarship #2: $1,000 Visual Content Scholarship

Send us your best and most creative visual representation on one or more of the topics below.  Your visual content can be in any of the following formats – image, infographic, cinemagraph, video, or slides.  The topics are:

·         What is a surety bond?

·         How do I get a surety bond?

·         Auto dealer bonds

·         Freight broker bonds

·         Auto Dealership

·         Freight Brokerage

·         Trucking


Deadline for both scholarships is June 15, 2015
Winners will be notified by June 30, 2015 and will have 30 days to provide proof of enrollment.


This scholarship competition is open to any student currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate degree program.  Enrollment must be at an accredited US college, university, or trade school.

Essay Requirements: Each essay must be of 500-2,000 words.  Content should be unique.  Make sure to link to all used sources within the content.

Visual Content Requirements: Images and infographics should be with high resolution and should be in one of the following formats – png, jpeg, jpg, gif.  Videos should be 1-3 minutes long.  Slides decks should have 5-20 slides.  The visual content should be unique and not taken from anywhere else.

How to Apply?

Email your content to scholarships(at)bryantsuretybonds.com before the deadline.  Make sure to include the following information in your email:

·         First and Last Name

·         School Name

·         Expected Date of Graduation





OUR SAFE DRIVER SCHOLARSHIP of $1,000 is awarded to any student who is currently attending or planning to attend college or some form of higher education.

The scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis for the Fall semester. The deadline to apply is July 10, 2015.

Find out the requirements and how to enter below:

How to Enter

  1. Participate in one of the following Safe Driver Programs listed below or email for approval of other qualifying safe driver programs (email: scholarship@carinsurancecomparison.com).
  2. Create a form of social awareness that inspires other students to focus on safe driving. This can be a video, artwork, essay or anything that would engage other students to focus on safe driving.
  3. Once you are completed with steps 1 and 2, please proceed to filling out the application in our contact form below.
  4. Submit a link to your video, artwork, essay or creative element of your choice in the final step of the application form.


Safe Driver Programs

- American Family Insurance Participants (Free for American Family policy holders)
- Pledge for Everyone (Free)

Applicants are not limited to the list of Safe Driver Programs above. Please email Scholarship@CarInsuranceComparison.com to submit a safe driving program for approval. Free courses are available, however some paid courses reduce your insurance cost. Check with you current car insurance provider to see what safe driving programs they offer



Time doesn’t heal all wounds. For the disabled, the journey becomes one of accommodation to a new reality. Adapting to a lifestyle they never envisioned. Beside them on this journey are the teachers and healers.


Our firm is pleased to announce a $3,000 scholarship for those seeking education in a field related to the care of the injured and disabled. We know how valuable their skills are. Our clients tell us, and we see the results – the support and comfort these caregivers provide, long after the case is won.

Students in any accredited program of higher education which services the injured or disabled are eligible. It’s for those pursuing a career in massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic, audiology and other healing arts. All we ask is that applicants tell us their story – why they chose to help those with physical ailments.


The application details can be found here.


Students may already be enrolled or just starting out. Candidates will be required to document acceptance or current enrollment in a recognized program, either for a degree or certification (two-year, four-year or trade school).

While our firm can reach a full and fair settlement in negligence injury cases, it takes another type of gift to transition someone from the devastation of physical injury to regaining control of their lives. There’s a real bond formed between a caregiver and patient. The injured look to us for financial remedies, but after the case, they still face struggles. It takes real time and effort to get back a sense of purpose and to feel productive once again. Those who assist in this have our greatest admiration.

The Center for Disease Control reports that about 20% of Americans have some disability. That’s a huge number, and the support services needed to meet this demand are incredible. Difficulties with mobility and impaired vision are most common, but any physical damage has the potential to permanently alter function. For many, the daily tasks we take for granted are severely limiting, affecting employment opportunities and the ability to enjoy their lives.

Sadly, the support systems in place are sometimes deficient. We often battle on clients’ behalf to get the benefits they deserve, whether it’s from Social Security, workers’ compensation, or other party. The landscape is a rough one, filled with traps for the unwary. Where the support systems are not deficient, however, is when a caring professional steps in to aid recovery or offer long-term assistance. For this reason, we hope our scholarship promotes and sustains someone’s dream to become the unsung hero; the hero who pushes someone to take just one more step; the voice of encouragement when all seems hopeless; the teacher and the guide.

If you know someone who is pursuing a career in helping the disabled, please pass this scholarship announcement on to them. The requirements are very few. This is intentional so as not to limit applicants by geography, school, or career path. We’d very much like to hear their story.


The deadline for applications is July 17th, 2015


Scholarship Application

Scholarship Requirements

Any and all questions about the scholarship or requirements should be submitted via email to info@comp7777.com


TRIUMPH OVER BREAST CANCER SCHOLARSHIP. This $1,000 scholarship was created to assist one achievement-oriented student who is struggling with or has survived breast cancer.

Like so many in the community, we at Icing On The Ring have witnessed the devastating effects of breast cancer and its ability to completely overturn a life. That is especially true when an individual is working hard to put themselves through school. Although all college students face difficult obstacles, we believe that a disease like cancer should not be allowed to derail an aspiring student’s dream. Our intention is to offset the financial burden to a student who is continuing to study despite their encounter with breast cancer.

As a jeweler specializing in engagement rings and wedding rings, Icing On The Ring has been honored to have been included in so many individuals’ happiest moments. We know that graduating college, starting a career and achieving success are important milestones just like engagement and marriage, and we want to help more people reach them.

Our Triumph Over Breast Cancer Scholarship is open to any student who is currently fighting breast cancer, in remission or has beaten breast cancer. Additionally, the student must either:

We warmly invite all eligible candidates to apply and we look forward to bestowing this scholarship.

Deadline for Applications

Applicant Essay Topic

Please provide an answer to the following question between 500 and 1000 words:

Applicant Requirements

How to Apply

To apply for the Icing On The Ring Triumph Over Breast Cancer Scholarship, please complete our online application.

Terms and Conditions

Scholarship open to all students attending an accredited university in the United States. Applicant must be a student at an accredited university, or be accepted to begin school at an accredited university within 6 months of application. All funds will be disbursed to scholarship recipient by the end of December for the Spring semester and end of August for the Fall semester. Scholarship winner is determined solely by our selection committee. All decisions of the selection committee are final.


We will not sell the information you submit with your scholarship application to any third parties. The information you submit will be used only for determining the scholarship recipient and deleted after the selection period. Scholarship award recipient information may be used for public relations purposes; only with direct written consent by the recipient.


The winner of the Icing On The Ring Triumph Over Breast Cancer Scholarship will be determined by a selection committee set up by Icing On The Ring, said selection will in no way be influenced by gender, race, national origin, sexual preference or any criteria other than the meeting of the application requirements and our committee’s evaluation of the essay attached with the application.



Oct 1, '15  $750



Oct 15, '15  $750


SCHOLARSHIP AWARD AVAILABLE TO STUDENTS LIVING WITH CHRONIC ILLNESS. The scholarship is open to students accepted into any accredited US college or law school in the United States.


Scholarship: $2,000:  The award which will be distributed among three students; there will be one award of $1,000 and two awards of $500.


Requirements:  Students will be requested to write an essay; the subject of the essay will be provided upon submission of the application request.


To Apply: Students must apply through our website, at http://ekjlaw.com/. There is a section on the homepage (scroll down) titled “Scholarships” students may contact us via this portal to applyll conta



This scholarship is available to students with physical disabilities enrolled in an accredited college or medical school in the United States. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to apply. For more information on how to apply, please send us an email via our contact form and we will be in touch.

ct you with details. Click here.