Request Form for New Calendars

The Princeton University calendar is available to everyone in the Princeton community.  All departments at Princeton may request one or more Web calendars to list their public events.   The term WebEvent calendar is used below since the underlying software is from WebEvent, Inc.  

What you need to know before requesting a calendar:

Calendar name:

Choose a name that reflects the content of the calendar.  For example, Graduate College or Undergraduate Student Government.  If your name includes the words Princeton, Office, Center, School, or Program, move that word to the end of the title so that viewers of the sorted list will be able to find your calendar more easily.   For example, Religious Life, Office of .

Calendar administrator:

Whereas a personal NetID can be used for the calendar administrator, it is recommended that a departmental or organizational NetID be used for the main administrator of the calendar. This will enable an easy transition of responsibility as staff members change.  After requesting the creation of your calendar, if you need to make changes to the administrator, send email to the WebEvent site administrators.

Calendar users and event submitters:

You can add one or more personal NetIDs as registered users of the calendar (those who can add and update events without the calendar administrator's approval).  They login to WebEvent to add events. The calendar administrator and user can be the same person.  You can also update the list of users at a later time by sending email to the WebEvent site administrators. Note that by default all calendars allow event submission subject to your approval, so you do not need to list everyone who will add events to the calendar.   Read about How to Submit an Event

Method of entering events into the calendar:

Most departments will use the Add/Event form available in the calendar menu.  If your department currently enters events in a database and you want to continue doing this, please contact the WebEvent site administrators  to discuss alternate ways of adding your events to your WebEvent calendar. 


For information on how to administer a calendar, see Calendar Administration Guidelines.  For information on adding events, see How to Add an Event and How to Submit an Event.  Also see answers in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Login with your personal NetID to request calendars. You will be notified by e-mail when the calendar has been created.

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Last updated July 11, 2009